Using Portable Ice Baths to Add Value to your PT Sessions

As a fitness professional, you’re always looking for ways to improve your clients’ recovery and help them reach their fitness goals. One powerful tool you can add to your arsenal is a portable ice bath.

How can Portable Ice Baths Add Value to your PT Sessions?

Speed up recovery: After a tough workout, your clients’ muscles will likely be sore and inflamed. Using an ice bath can help to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process, allowing your clients to get back to training sooner.

Improve performance: When your clients recover faster, they’re able to train harder and more frequently. This can lead to improvements in their overall fitness and help them reach their goals faster.

Reduce injury risk: By promoting faster recovery, ice baths can also help to reduce the risk of injury. When muscles are properly rested and recovered, they’re less likely to become strained or injured during future workouts.

Provide a premium service: Offering a portable ice bath as part of your training services can set you apart from other trainers and help you attract and retain clients. It shows that you’re committed to your clients’ well-being and recovery, and are willing to go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals.

Build community and connection in group training sessions: There’s nothing like pushing through a challenge to bring people together and that’s often why group exercise sessions are so popular. Encouraging one another through the mental hesitation of ice bathing and even distracting one another with chit-chat to get through the discomfort is a great way to build a bond between your PT clients.

cryo remedy portable ice bath

Cryo Remedy's New Portable Ice Baths

Former Australian footballer, Jason Naidovski, has experienced first-hand, the benefits cold therapy can have on post-exercise recovery and injury rehabilitation. His passion for overall fitness and wellness inspired him to launch his business Cryo Remedy and create several recovery products, including his portable ice baths. The Cryo Remedy ice baths are sturdy and spacious when filled, with comfortable seating, and collapse into a lightweight drawstring bag for transporting. The drainage system means you can easily pack the ice baths away – all you need is a hose pipe/water source and your bags of ice for filling up.

It’s important to find ways to set yourself apart in the competitive fitness industry. By incorporating a portable ice bath into your training services, you can help your clients recover faster, improve their performance, reduce their risk of injury, and provide a top-notch experience that they’ll be eager to recommend to others.

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