Nuforma Pilates: The Reformer Reinvented

Amid the technological upgrades of pretty much every other piece of exercise equipment, there’s been one item that has remained untouched – the Pilates reformer. Until now…

Nuforma Pilates is the result of over 20 years of research and the previously UK-based offering is now available in the first Nuforma Pilates studio in Bondi Junction, Sydney.

What is Nuforma Pilates?

The Nuforma reformer was designed and developed by the UK founder of Heba Pilates, Samantha Kellard. The revolutionary reformer design features an oversized bed, split carriage, incorporated weights, and infinite exercise options. Stepping into the modern age, the Nuforma offers over 100 programs via a built-in touchscreen so you can tailor the workout you want. This is all whilst being supervised and supported by qualified in-studio instructors.

Owner of Nuforma Pilates Bondi Junction, Therese Keys says, ” This was an upgrade/improvement that was long overdue. The design of the current Pilates reformers has barely changed since their inception over 100 years ago. It’s quite interesting that such a well-known and much-loved exercise apparatus has not evolved with the times… until now.”

Both Therese and her business partner, Jenny Dean grew up in Narrabri, NSW. Friends from the age of five, the two country girls are now opening the first Nuforma Pilates studio in the southern hemisphere. Therese left her rural hometown for a high-flying corporate life and spent many years working in Europe before being faced with cancer treatment and major surgery at the young age of thirty. It was the practice of Pilates that “saved” her, both physically and emotionally through her recovery, when she was first introduced to Pilates in a boutique one-on-one studio in Potts Point around twenty years ago.

After spending more time overseas, Therese returned to Australia in late 2019 and was encouraged to join Jenny in group Pilates sessions, where she again found great benefit in the practice.

nuforma pilates sydney australia

Bringing an idea to life:

Therese had the light bulb moment of creating a product where people could customise their reformer workout to their own needs, still have the crucial input from a qualified Pilates instructor to ensure the correct form, yet make it affordable. She knew that private Pilates sessions were often out of reach financially for people, but group classes lacked personalisation and flexibility with timetables. She set about investing her time and money into creating a library of workouts and spent 15 months travelling the world to find the best model of business she could create. After researching Pilates in places like New York, Spain, and Paris, she stumbled upon Heba Pilates in the UK and realised that the Heba model and their flagship piece of equipment, the Nuforma, was the exact reality of what she had in her mind. Accepting that her investment thus far was a sunk cost, Therese and her business partner Jenny garnered a bespoke licensing arrangement with Heba UK to launch their own Pilates studio in Australia, branded Nuforma Pilates.

How has the Nuforma improved upon the traditional reformer?

The key enhancement really has to be Nuforma’s built-in touchscreen that gives you the freedom to choose the workout you want to do at a time that suits you. This is something you just don’t get in other Pilates studios. All under the supervision of experienced in-studio instructors.

“Our Nuforma takes all that is optimal about the traditional reformer, and with 20 years of research and innovative engineering, has revolutionised how Pilates is done. We’ve had it described by long-term Pilates practitioners as the ‘’evolution of the reformer’’.  We seriously joke about it as Pilates meets Peloton meets Netflix”, says Therese.

Every single upgrade made on the Nuforma ensures that Pilates is now more accessible, personalised, flexible, and affordable than the traditional Pilates reformer classes people that are accustomed to. From the built-in touchscreen, which provides the option of selecting from over 100 programs; the longer and wider bed making it more comfortable for taller or larger people; plus integrated weights and pulleys for a smoother workout, as well as offering a much broader scope, the Nuforma really is reinventing Pilates.

The upgraded reformer concept has caught the attention of many industry experts, including John Paul Rahme, co-founder of Xoda and master Pilates instructor. “The Nuforma represents the evolution of the reformer bed. It allows accessibility for people of all ages and levels to experience the benefits of Pilates with the advantage of combining the critical elements of resistance training. The future of Pilates is here! The benefits of the Nuforma can be enjoyed by complete beginners as well as Pilates enthusiasts”

The benefits of accessing your Pilates class on demand

We all live busy lives these days and the technology delivered by virtual fitness has generated many benefits for the health industry. The Nuforma is no exception to this trend. People are placing increasing importance on their fitness and overall wellbeing, while demanding more flexibility with time.

The ‘on demand’ Pilates workouts offered by Nuforma allow people to fit their fitness around their increasingly busy lives. Clients simply book your sessions for when it suits them, come to the studio, scan their QR code, and get exercising. No more rushing around trying to squeeze a busy life around generic group classes.

“A key benefit which I love – in addition to enabling people to exercise at a time that suits them – is that with Nuforma, it is you who selects the class you want to do. No more of having a run in the morning and then turning up to your afternoon Pilates class and finding it has a leg focus today”, says Therese.

nuforma reformer pilates sydney

Flexibility with In-Studio Supervision

The biggest drawcards of Nuforma, when compared to a traditional Pilates reformer class are freedom of choice and flexibility with time. Members must book ahead of time but can select a time slot that fits in with their own schedule. Booking can be made up to one week ahead and each time slot runs for 60 minutes, with 50 minutes of active exercise time.

By having qualified instructors on hand, members can be sure that their technique can be corrected and consult with staff if they feel like they need modifications or adjustments.

Nuforma Pilates Bondi Junction

Sydney’s first Nuforma Pilates studio is located in Oxford St, Bondi Junction, and opens 7 days per week. The studio is officially opening its doors to new members on Thursday 14th September, 2023.

Early adopters have had positive feedback on their Nuforma experience, including former Sydney Roosters and dual-code international rugby player,  Scott Gourley. “Their reformers are super impressive – definitely next level with the tech, bed size, weights, etc. Your own screen means you can pick whatever type of workout, whenever you want. I strongly recommend for everyone to try them out.” said Gourley.

Curious about trying Nuforma? You can contact Therese, Jenny, and their friendly team on the Nuforma website.

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