Track Your Menstrual Cycle On Your Garmin Wearable

That’s right! You can now track your menstrual cycle in Garmin Connect.

Regardless of your cycle type — including regular, irregular and menopause transition — you can log how you feel physically and emotionally every day and get reports that show you fluctuations in your body over time.

Why track?

Overall you’ll gain a better understanding of your body and how it changes during each phase, which has a lot of benefits.

Seeing how your hormones change throughout your cycle can help explain fluctuations in sleep, mood, metabolism, appetite and more.

As you track, you’ll start to notice patterns and trends you can use to make mindful choices for your health.

Knowing how your body changes during each phase of your cycle can also help you understand what kind of training works best during that phase. And over time, you’ll learn how to work with your body to reach your goals.

Plus, period and fertility predications will give you a better idea of when you menstruate and when you ovulate, so you can be more in sync with your cycle.

What makes Garmin different?

We’ve tried to be as inclusive as possible, so our users who don’t have regular periods or are in menopause transition can still log daily symptoms — such as emotional and physical changes. You can also record your personal notes daily.

We made sure this feature fits right in with your other health stats. You’ll be able to make connections between your cycle and changes in your other recorded data, such as sleep, stress, activities and more.

During each phase of your cycle, you can learn something new about how hormone changes can affect your workouts and nutrition.

There’s also a Connect IQ app for compatible devices. You’ll now have quick access to cycle tracking information — period reminders, cycle details and symptoms logged for the day — right on your wrist.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign in to Garmin Connect on your smartphone or a desktop.
  2. Open the main menu and select Health Stats.
  3. Select Menstrual Cycle from the drop-down.
  4. Complete setup as directed.
  5. Start logging!

As you log symptoms and/or periods, you’ll get reports that show trends in your moods and physical symptoms, and you’ll start getting period predictions.

You can even go back and add data you’ve recorded in other apps to improve your predictions. The more you log, the better your reporting will be.

Compatible devices:
Forerunner® 645 Music, vívoactive® 3, vívoactive 3 Music, fēnix®5 Plus Series; Compatible devices coming soon: fēnix 5 Series, fēnix Chronos, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 945, Forerunner 645, Forerunner 245, Forerunner 245 Music.

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