Solid Racks Helping To Reduce Sedentary Behaviour

Adults who sit less through the day have a lower risk of early death, particularly from cardiovascular disease. If you work in an office you could be sitting for as many as fifteen hours each day; that’s more than 50% of your day!

The Prevention Research Collaboration (PRC) at the University of Sydney has explored the patterns and causes and effects of the relationship between prolonged uninterrupted sitting and health, with several studies of large populations showing clear association between sitting and all-cause mortality.

SOLID RACKS is hosting a seminar that addresses this silent and passive, yet deadly risk to our health, and we are delighted to have Sarah Burks, Bill Bellow and Teira Jansen give you practical insights into this issue.

Sarah, from the PRC at Sydney University, will give us expert insight into the real dangers of sedentary behaviour. Sarah is a researcher with specialist expertise in the workplace setting. A Masters of Public Health (MPH) graduate Sarah has very recently coordinated the design and evaluation of a suite of ‘Sit Less & Move More’ workplace intervention studies and assisted in the evaluation of a large scale national Activity Promoting Workplaces study. Professor Bill Bellew, Principal Research Fellow at the PRC, has worked in both private and public sectors and has experience in prevention research and policy in Australia and internationally.

Beyond the challenges of ‘sedentary behaviour’ Bill will provide complementary contextual information about the social and economic costs of preventable chronic disease as well as a concise summary of the evidence about ‘what works’ in prevention policies and programs.

Tiera, a physiotherapist from AUSHEALTH PHYSIO on the Northern Beaches will help us understand, through a practical demonstration, the measures we can take to mitigate our sedentary behaviour.

This technical yet practical seminar will be held at the Novotel, Manly Pacific on Wednesday 27th April 2016. It will run from 6-8pm. While the seminar is FREE, registration is required. To register for this event click here.

About SOLID Racks

SOLID Racks is an innovative Australian company catching global attention with its patented wall mounted system which has applications in a wide range of industries. Its use in the health and fitness sectors provides users with a cost effective, space saving, flexible and good looking single solution addressing multiple needs.

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