Introducing The Assault AirRower Elite

The AirRower Elite was designed by professional athletes and trainers who have tested the world’s best fitness equipment in order to create one, power-house rower that packs a punch.

The AirRowers solid steel frame construction and innovative design combined with its commercial grade durability makes it the best in-class rower on the market.

Tech specs include hi contrast LCD screen for improved readability, bluetooth connectivity, and a competition mode to extend versatility, you can see why the Assault Fitness AirRower Elite is a serious contender as your next rowing machine.

Assault Fitness AirRower - Designed to Take a BeatingDesigned to Take a Beating

Created specifically for commercial gym usage, each and every component of the AirRower is built for longevity.

Its powerful, dual stage chain and belt drive, commercial seat, steel foot plates and aluminium beam set the AirRower apart from the rest of the competition.

Why? Because they mean maximum durability and offer a smooth, low maintenance rowing experience.

Assault Fitness AirRower - An Exceptional WorkoutAn Exceptional Workout

Perfect for HIIT, cardio, and endurance training, the AirRower provides a total body workout that is second-to-none.

Training on the AirRower is completely scalable: From the average gym-goer to an elite athlete, it will challenge and tone any physique.

The multi-grip handle system, sweat-proof seat, and adjustable footplates allow for a comfortable ride for rowers of all fitness levels and sizes.

Assault Fitness AirRower -Powerful and PersonalisedPowerful and Personalised

Consider this the new standard in rowing equipment. Optimal for open training spaces, the AirRowers transport wheel and no electric plug-in makes moving it around a crowded floor easy and painless.

Our rower runs on human power, and carries virtually no carbon footprint or energy consumption. The 4-way levelling/stabiliser system keeps the AirRower grounded and ready to take on the abuse of day-after-day use.

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