Second Perth Studio for Chris Wilson Fitness

Two years on from launching and being branded as Australia’s Most Exclusive Studio, Chris Wilson has just opened a second venue in Perth. What’s New in Fitness caught up with Chris to find out more…

Staying Agile: What happens when you launch a fitness business in the middle of a pandemic?

Hit with COVID closures during their fifth week of opening in 2021, it wasn’t an easy start for Chris Wilson and his partner Rosanna. As group exercise was taken off the table as an option, they adjusted their offering to a strong Personal Training model and managed to grow the business despite the challenges of the time by catering to what the community wanted.

Travel restrictions and WA’s strict border controls prompted them to put on health and wellness retreats through their brand and they sold out in 24 hours! Chris and Rosanna have been running health and wellness retreats for over 6 years and have created many life-changing experiences for people. The idea for One and Only Retreats came from combining fitness & yoga to offer a balanced experience where people could go on a holiday to a nice location whilst focusing on their health and well-being. All their retreats are vegan-based, incorporate outdoor activities such as hikes, and include trips to local attractions such as farmers’ markets. They have always been motivated by helping others and bringing together like-minded people.

Over the past two years, Chris Wilson Fitness has grown to include twelve coaches and now run over 6 classes per week, daily PT sessions, and regular corporate wellness programs. They have built a strong fitness community in Perth and have been able to help many people on their fitness journeys. Chris and Rosanna are also involved with the Waalitj Foundation, helping First Nations people with education and employment.

What's New in Fitness interviews Chris Wilson:

chris wilson fitness perth

WNiF: Chris Wilson Fitness Studio has just celebrated its 2nd birthday. What is your biggest achievement so far?

We are very proud of our product and what we have created. As we are an exclusive (50 members only) studio with a waitlist, we were very proud to reach 50 members in our first 6 months and be featured in Men’s Health as Australia’s most exclusive studio.

My partner and I also had a baby during this time which was a big achievement. We are grateful to have created an amazing team of coaches who have helped us during this time.

WNiF: Are you still limited to 50 clientele? Does it get tempting to expand if there is demand for it?
If so, how do you curb that temptation?

Our first studio in Nedlands is capped at 50 members. We have recently expanded by opening another studio 15 minutes away in Highgate, which allows us to reach new suburbs but also gives our members a new training environment with different equipment. Members are able to use both studios as well our joint memberships with local yoga studios: Bodyscape and Energy Cntr Yoga.

WNiF: Is there any advice you’d give to a fitness professional who is considering starting their own business?

Understand what your niche is and what you want to offer. Changing from a personal trainer to a business owner requires a lot of extra work, so be prepared to have to do a lot more outside of sessions. Know where you want to position your brand and stay current in a forever-changing industry. Form strong relationships and a support network to elevate your brand and business

WNiF: Is there a piece of software that adds value to running your business? What is it and why?

Although Mindbody comes with a lot of challenges and issues. It’s been good software for our booking system and as many customers already use the software, it’s easy for them to find our intro offer and book into classes. It’s also easy for customers to buy packs of classes and schedule appointments.

WNiF: Do you have a favourite piece of gym equipment?

We still love barbells and our custom racks. We have black barbells which match our brand colours and we enjoy coaching compound movements and getting members moving freely through weight lifting. Another favourite is our Concept 2 Ski Erg machines. Always a great way to get your conditioning in!

chris wilson fitness business

WNiF: Do you have any daily health habits that you never, ever skip?

I always schedule in daily exercise and have my go-to smoothie every morning. We make sure we are in bed by 9 pm and get enough sleep to function each day. Our nutrition always includes fresh produce and we make sure to include veggies with all meals.

WNiF: How do you and Rosanna juggle parenting responsibilities with running 3 fitness studios?

It certainly is challenging but we are very fortunate to have great teams of coaches and teachers. We have created a schedule that works for both of us and created non-negotiable’s so we can enjoy our life together and with our son. We have our second due in August so I’m sure that will throw a new curve ball but like everything in life, you just deal with it when it arrives and do your best to find a solution.

WNiF: Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t listen to what other people say. Stay true to what you believe in and work hard on self-development and being the best version of yourself. Someone once said, ‘There are more sharks on the land than in the ocean’ and when it comes to business that can certainly be true. Form strong groups of friendships and relationships with people you trust and stay true to what your values are and what you want to achieve.

WNiF: What’s next for you?

We have our second son on the way in August so for now my energy and focus will be going on my second child. We will be working hard on growing our newest studio plus running more events and retreats later in the year.

Chris Wilson Fitness Studio is a luxury, boutique training experience with two premises in Perth, WA. 

While the brand has become synonymous with a high-end price point, offering many added extras for a limited number of clients, they do offer different tiers of membership with options starting at just $49 per week.

Find out more about Chris Wilson Fitness by visiting the website.

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