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HIIT has become part of the staple diet in gyms and studios worldwide due largely to it’s popularity as an enjoyable workout, that is a highly effective and efficient way to maximise calorie burn, yielding great results all round for participants.

The two part mix of high intensity cardio intervals (bike, treadmill, rower, cross trainer, jumping rope and plyometrics) and metabolic resistance training (dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls, suspension straps and bodyweight exercise and more) make up the ingredients for an HIIT session and although it may be less appealing for those who say like running outside, it ticks the boxes for a structured full body workout with the cardio and strength training combo.

WNiF wanted to draw you attention to the increase in the new and emerging range of cardio machines that can be easily incorporated into an HIIT session.

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Here we take a look the S-Force Performance Trainer from Matrix Fitness.

What is the S-Force Performance Trainer?
The S-Force Performance Trainer is a low-impact trainer with a user-defined stride pathway that applies a magnetic resistance proportionate to your work load – so the harder you work, the greater the resistance.

Who would use the S-Force?
The S-Force Performance Trainer is an all-rounder. Taking its place in small group training, HIIT circuits or as a stand alone machine on the cardio floor.

The intelligent biomechanics of the S-Force Performance means it’s spectrum of users range from beginners to HIIT enthusiasts all the way through to elite athletes and serious exercisers who are looking to improve explosive acceleration.

The low-impact movement pattern helping protect the joints, reaffirms it’s suitable for a large cross section of clients.

What does it do? How does it work?
Leveraging cutting edge sports science, the S-Force helps build speed and power in the body’s horizontal acceleration position. As you move through a user-defined path that fits your stride, the magnetic system automatically increases resistance proportionately to your effort. This progressive design means that each workout will challenge its users. The progressive design and the two active positions can make a difference when it comes to building fast-twitch muscle fibre, which is the key to more explosive starts.

Should I buy an S-Force?
There is a lot to like about the S-Force Performance Trainer. It not only looks the part, it delivers a great low-impact workout. Super quiet, the magnetic resistance system means it offers progressive workouts – the stronger you feel and push, the greater the resistance feedback.

Easy to use console with access to training programs and a quick start for HIIT sessions.

The S-Force caters for a large range of heights, is non-motorised and therefore cord-free making it portable, plus it has a small footprint of 180 x 69cms.

S-Force Performance Trainer Whitepaper
ForceAn entirely new cardio and HIIT modality, and a claim that the unique design of the S-Force will change both athletic training and the way fitness facility members expereince HIIT training in circuits, small group training and on the cardio floor, Matrix have commissioned an in-depth study to authenticate the benefits of the S-Force Performance Trainer. The findings from the study completed by a biomechanics consultant are documented in a Whitepaper that validate the claims of the S-Force Performance Trainer – you can read the findings here.

S-Force Performance Trainer features:

Matrix S Force - For Athletes. For Groups. Intense By Design.

The S-Force Performance Trainer is available in Australia from Matrix Fitness – to find out more or request a demo, enquire below.

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