RDX Wrecking Ball Punch Bag

Article updated April 2023.

Looking for an exhilarating and effective training session? Look no further than the RDX Wrecking Ball Bag! Whether you’re a boxer, martial artist, or fitness enthusiast, this punching bag is the perfect tool to push your workouts to the next level. Keep reading to discover the standout features of this exceptional accessory.

Highlights of the RDX Wrecking Ball:

The RDX Wrecking Ball Bag boasts unparalleled durability.
Crafted from top-quality Maya Hide leather, this punching bag is built to withstand heavy use and endure for years to come. Its superior leather material ensures that the bag won’t tear, rip, or crack even after extensive use during intense training sessions.

Optional fillings. With the RDX Wrecking Ball Bag, you can fill it up to your preferred weight using a variety of materials, such as sand, textured rubber, or weighted water. Thanks to its reliable drawstring closure, the sandbag will stay put and won’t shift around inside the bag. The bag’s robust seams also guarantee that the filling remains secure during even the most intense workouts.

Easy to Hang. Equipped with a heavy-duty PP rope, the RDX Wrecking Ball Bag provides exceptional security during training. By fastening the rope to a sturdy wall mount, the bag stays securely in place as you exercise.

Versatility. The RDX Wrecking Ball Bag is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can be used for both upper and lower-body workouts, as well as to target core muscles. This exceptional accessory is also ideal for enhancing reflexes and coordination skills.

Overall, the RDX Wrecking Ball Bag is an excellent tool to add excitement and intensity to your workouts. Its exceptional durability and generous size make it ideal for practicing intricate punches, kicks, and other techniques. Additionally, this versatile bag can target various body parts and enhance your coordination and reflexes. If you’re looking to elevate your training, the RDX Wrecking Ball Bag is definitely worth considering.

RDX handmade Zero Impact G-Core Non Tear wrecking ball.

Made for specialised training regimens, the  RDX RR Wrecking Ball Punch Bag is available in 60x60cm and comes with special Maya hide™ Leather built gloves and 3 strands swivel chain set.

The wrecking ball comes with a 2-inch thick Leather-X™ based Max-Shock™ foam jacket and better impact absorption.

rdx wrecking ball

Features of the RDX RR Wrecking Ball Punch Bag

  • RDX handmade Zero Impact G-Core Non-Tear Round bag for specialised training
  • Available in dimensions of 60cm round & 60cm Length with chains
  • Set include Maya Hide™ Leather Gel gloves and 3-strand swivel chain Set
  • 2” thick Leather-X™ based Max-Shock™ foam jacket and better impact absorption
  • Heavy-duty zippex™ top closure to ensure maximum bag filling

Are Wrecking Ball Bags good for boxing training?

The popularity of wrecking ball bags has been surging among professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike as an effective training tool. This type of punching bag is filled with sand or other granular material, simulating a real-life striking surface and providing an intense workout for those seeking a challenging and efficient way to get in shape.

One of the main advantages of using a wrecking ball bag is its exceptional realism, as its unpredictable load and movement make it an authentic target for punches and kicks. This not only enhances training and physical fitness but also helps improve reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

Another great advantage of a wrecking ball bag is its ability to tone and strengthen muscles. Contrary to popular belief, athletes who incorporate this training tool into their regime often report faster results in terms of muscle gain and increased strength due to the continual and intermittent loading on the muscles.

In summary, wrecking ball bags provide a realistic and safe training option with quick results. They are also affordable, making them an excellent choice for beginners. If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to get fit, investing in a wrecking ball bag is definitely worth considering.

What is the Difference Between a Teardrop and a Wrecking Ball Punching Bag?

The shape of the punching bag is the main distinguishing factor between the teardrop and wrecking ball types. Teardrop bags are round and soft, while wrecking ball bags are spherical or oval and typically filled with sand, making them more challenging to hold and punch due to their weight and shape.

In addition to their shape and weight, there are other notable differences between the two bag types. Teardrop bags are lighter and easier to handle, making them ideal for those who prefer a bag they can easily move around. Meanwhile, heavier wrecking ball bags are better suited for power punches and rigorous training.

Moreover, there is a significant difference in the type of strikes that each bag can endure. Teardrop bags can withstand light to moderate strikes, whereas wrecking ball bags can withstand heavier strikes, such as uppercuts and heavy kicks.

Ultimately, the choice between a teardrop and wrecking ball punching bag depends on your training goals and preferences. Both types offer unique benefits to different users, so choose the one that suits your style of training best.


Before filling your Wrecking Ball heavy bag, several factors need to be considered to determine the best filling for your desired workout. These factors include the brand, size, and type of bag, which can all affect the effectiveness of your workout session.

•Lead Pellets:

These tiny lead-filled pellets resemble small BB-sized pellets but offer more impact when hitting the bag. They provide a great “pop” when delivered and are ideal for kickboxing and grappling sessions.


Sand is a heavier material and is great for boxing or kickboxing sessions where a hard punch is desired. You can fill your bag up to around one-half to two-thirds full with sand for the best workout experience.


The textile filling is a much lighter material but is still dense enough to absorb the impact of kicks, punches, and slams. It can often be easier to adjust due to its lightweight properties and can provide an excellent workout.

•Organic Material:

Organic materials like hemp, cotton, and other plant-based materials can also be used to fill a wrecking ball-heavy bag. Hemp and cotton are known for their absorptive properties and provide a softer feeling punch.

What’s to love about the RDX Wrecking Ball Bag?

The RDX Wrecking Ball Bag is a top-notch option in the market, providing a complete and unforgettable workout experience. This bag is packed with high-density and shock-absorbent filling, suitable for both light and heavy bags, catering to any boxer or MMA fighter’s needs.

The bag is designed with adjustable drawstring closures that allow for easy filling or emptying according to your preference. Additionally, its reinforced, weather-resistant nylon skin construction offers extra durability, ensuring your workout equipment lasts for years to come.

Overall, the RDX Wrecking Ball Bag is an exceptional addition to any gym, offering a safe and effective piece of training equipment.

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