Make Exercise Accessible Through Technology

As we all know, we are living in unprecedented times.

Between the onset of COVID-19, civil unrest, economic turmoil and an uncertain future, people are being pushed to their mental and physical limits. That makes it more important than ever to engage in exercise. It is incumbent upon all of us in the fitness industry to break down barriers so members can exercise wherever they might be, and the right technology can help.


According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five Americans experience mental health illness. Of those dealing with mental health illness, 40% have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases than the general population.

The reality of our current era has challenged the notion that exercise has to take place within a facility. In fact, the push for home fitness solutions during the last several months has reached new heights. As a commercial industry, we need to pivot to reach members where they are. This means you need to think creatively and develop solutions that allow your brand to remain the focal point of your members’ health and wellness journey.

Think creatively and develop solutions that allow your brand to remain the focal point of your members’ health and wellness journey.


When it comes to connecting the dots between facilities and members, technology can play a key role. For example, our Workout Tracking Network app, in combination with our Personal Trainer Portal, allows your facility to send workout plans to members that can be accessed through the app. This combination can be used to create and drive revenue against different membership levels, including virtual memberships. Furthermore, you can extend this type of service to recruit new members that may have never had the ability to join a physical facility.

According to IHRSA’s 2020 report, 73.6 million Americans belonged to a health club. That equates to 22.4% of the total US population. Imagine the financial impact recruiting an additional 0.5%, 1% or even 2% of the population could have on industry’s bottom line. That would increase the size of the membership base by 1.6 million, 3.3 million and 6.5 million people respectively. The incremental revenue that could be generated is staggering.


Technology also allows a facility to create a sense of community. With our Workout Tracking Network app and Personal Trainer Portal combination, a facility can personalise the exercise experience in a way that home fitness solutions can’t. Think of it as having tools that allow for an expanded outreach of your facility’s brand while still delivering a human touch using your people and messaging.

Members can engage with your staff wherever they are, which helps foster deeper ties and leads to improved accountability.

Ultimately, this produces higher engagement and retention levels for members. Virtual members can even engage with in-facility members using our Connected Solutions ecosystem, creating a sense of belonging to something bigger than a bike with a touchscreen mounted to it. In-facility members also benefit from Personal Trainer Portal’s enhanced on-console experience, driving higher

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