Study Shows Gamification Increases Members Exercise Levels By 40%

AUSTRALIA – August 2, 2017

MYZONE today reports the positive results of a recent gamification study performed by 12RND Fitness in Australia.

The study showed an increase in every single metric, for every club who participated, with members training for longer periods of time, more often, and at a higher effort level.

The study took place during a 21-day period at fourteen 12RND Fitness facilities and involved more than 800 members. Utilising MYZONE technology, 12RND Fitness reviewed the exercise data of its members involved during the 21-day challenge period and compared it to their exercise data 21 days prior to the challenge to assess the impact the challenge had on its members exercise behaviour.

12 RND Fitness with MYZONE - Challenge Results

On average, members registered 38% more workouts during the study, burned 38% more calories, and earned 41% more MYZONE effort points or MEPs, which are awarded based on the members effort level for each minute of exercise, compared to the previous period.

For some, clubs members increased over 80% compared to the baseline period.

In addition, analysis showed overall exercise was 16% higher in the post challenge period compared to pre-challenge, suggesting the positive effect of the challenge continued post challenge.

This supports other studies which have demonstrated the effect of gamification and MYZONE in increasing visit frequency and effort, in turn driving member retention and results.

Through the MYZONE system, facilities can create in-club challenges, team vs. team challenges, as well as challenge other MYZONE facilities.

“MYZONE is an important part of our product and member experience,” said Tim West, Founder of 12RND Fitness, “It helps our members track their intensity and regularity of their workouts as well as enhancing social accountability and camaraderie amongst the club community. In this case it gave members a chance to represent their tribe in our club vs club challenge and members jumped at the chance to be involved.”

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MYZONE is a wearable fitness technology company that develops accurate wearable technology, to provide engaging and motivational experiences to support behaviour change that make exercise habits stick. MYZONE’s primary markets are premium gyms and health clubs, corporate wellness sites and educational establishments. MYZONE is already represented in over 4,000 facilities in 35 countries. 

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