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When I first heard about TotalFusion, I was excited to learn more about Australia’s newest studio concept – a heat-controlled five studio facility built on the ethos of ‘movement as a way of life’ and a completely holistic offering that nurtures the mind and the body.

After the dust settled on the pre-sale, I caught up with the creator of TotalFusion and serial entrepreneur Leon McNiece.

Craig Mac: From the very first moment you step into TotalFusion, there is a sense of calm from the open space, warmth from the décor, and community from the echo of laughter. Hand on heart, was that 100% intentional?
Leon McNiece: Absolutely! We really wanted to create a community, a space where people, both staff and members, really enjoyed spending time. We hope that the vibe people get when walking through the door, entice them to come back regularly and move their bodies.

CM: Westfield Chermside is the second largest shopping centre in the Australia. Historically, the lure as a tenant to a huge catchment of ‘passing trade’ does not always transfer to foundation memberships. What was the reaction from the local community during your pre-sale?
LM: Even though the TotalFusion concept was quite foreign to most people, we had a very strong pre-sale, which shows how much there is a demand for mindful training.

CM: I noticed on your website that you describe the facility as a ‘movement studio’. What does that mean?
LM: Our description of our facility as a ‘Movement Studio’ was thus because we created a hub for a multitude of styles of movement and types of exercise. Our belief is that it is important to expose yourself to a wide variety of exercise – different ways of moving and challenging the body. In doing so, you are able to stimulate your body to become more flexible, mobile, improve balance, agility and strength.

Having variety in the way you move / exercise helps you be more motivated. Our bodies need different types of movement depending on how we are feeling on any given day; we encourage our members to be mindful and to try and become aware of what their body’s need from day to day. For example, if you were feeling very energetic, you would be well suited to a high energy class such as a Hot Fusion Class, Afterburn, Battleropes and Kettlebells, or Cycle.

If you were feeling less energetic, you might choose a Yin Yoga or Aerial Yoga gentle flow.

Our members are encouraged to come in every day, as we are designed to be moving far more than most of us do in our daily lives, and we need to promote movement in general, all types, not just high intensity exercise.

CM: What makes TotalFusion such a unique facility?
LM: We thrive on the experiences we craft in each minute of every class and for each and every person we guide from the moment they walk through our doors. However, our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are a ‘one stop shop’.

One membership with us takes care of all your movement needs.

Prior to this, people needed to obtain 3-4 different memberships to enjoy their gym / fitness facility, yoga classes and Pilates.

CM: This is studio number one, with Mt Gravatt and Newstead opening in March and May 2018 respectively. Is TotalFusion looking to operate as a franchise model and if so, are you actively seeking franchisees?
LM: We have already been approached by interested parties and are about to open this up to further investment shortly. Watch this space!

CM: There are currently over 130 group classes running every week. Have TotalFusion designed their own brand or style of class or do you employ third party choreographed routines that rotate every 12 weeks or so?
LM: We have designed our own brand and style of class, and currently our talented instructors are enjoying creative freedom within guidelines, and creating their own class. Moving forward we may move into creating choreographed versions to ensure quality control.

CM: There are many contributing factors to operating a successful business and I’m certain the instructor-member relationship / connection is at the core of that objective. How do you approach successful recruitment for TotalFusion in order to deliver above and beyond member expectations and secure the next visit?
LM: We recognise both the importance and value of having staff that share the same vision for TotalFusion as this translates from the experience of classes to the social vibe of each studio. We are very fortunate to have a great team who all contribute to ‘the next visit’.

CM: Health food bar with fresh meals on demand, a tonic bar, bone broth station and Kombucha on tap, its plain to see that TotalFusion is not just about the five temperature-controlled studios and class offerings. What’s the mission?
LM: At TotalFusion, we strive to change minds, move bodies, do things differently and keep it real. Fun, mindful movement and innovation is at our core.

Our mission is to help more people use movement as a way of life, and improve health and well being through exercise as well as what they eat and drink.

In achieving this our health bar offering makes up a huge part of this. The reason behind our total food and beverage offering is so our members can benefit from our years of exploring and researching the health and fitness space while also saving them time sourcing all these healthy (and tasty) products of which many are not commonly found in shops.

CM: How do you structure your membership?
LM: We offer a range of flexible membership options tailored to suit each members lifestyle goals, all of which include unlimited access to over 30 different class styles.

CM: What have been your two most successful marketing initiatives?
LM: Word of mouth / referrals is very strong for TotalFusion, which we feel is a testament to our efforts as a team in creating and delivering an enjoyable experience every time you come to the studio. We are also proactive through targeted email campaigns to the local community and the workforce here at Westfield Chermside.

CM: Franchise or not, are we likely to see an interstate expansion of TotalFusion studios?
LM: Yes, we are exploring all the options for TotalFusion across Australia and remain exciting about a potential expansion.

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Article written by Craig Mac for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Autumn 2018 Edition.

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