MZ-Open: Integrating MyZone With Your Existing Smart Watch

From 13th March 2024, Myzone will be switching on its newest feature, MZ-Open – an access function, which enables members to integrate their existing smart watch with the Myzone ecosystem at their gym. This function means gym owners can create more community within their membership, offering more incentives for their members to stick around, get involved, and stay active.

What is MZ-Open?

Myzone has always been designed around the gym owners, allowing their members to use a motivating, engaging, wearable tech, that links them to their gym or fitness club, whether they are training inside or outside. The Myzone leaderboard is a proven engagement tool for group exercise settings, and displays live feedback from class participants using the Myzone wearable technology to monitor heart rates, intensity, and calories. Members can be publicly rewarded for the effort that they put into their workouts.

The Myzone App has always allowed users to track their results, effort, and progress from their wearable Myzone device and has undergone software upgrades and increased gamification over time to enhance the user experience. Until now, however, the technology has been reliant on a Myzone brand wearable device to collect data and be part of the Myzone community.

MZ-Open allows gym members to access the Myzone ecosystem and app from their existing Apple or Android smart watch. It’s a game-changer for clubs that may have had resistance from members to jump on the Myzone App because they already use a smartwatch to track their activity. Now, with MZ-Open, by being able to keep using their own device, but also being able to enter the Myzone biome within their gym, members can reap the rewards of the Myzone experience and get even more value from their fitness club of choice.

“By integrating with Apple and Android smart watches we reduce barriers to entry, helping gym operators encourage even more members to join the Myzone community,” explains Myzone’s Global CEO, David Stalker. “Our research proves that gym goers engaged with Myzone remain members 24 percent longer than those who don’t, driving significant additional revenue for operators whilst also creating healthy, active, long-term habits for individuals.”
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How does MZ-Open work?

MZ-Open is available for Apple and Android smart watches. Members simply need to download the MyZone app, subscribe to MZ-Open, and get active.

Once a member has activated their device with MyZone, they can access accurate heart rate training, real-time feedback, fitness testing and be a part of the global MyZone community. To join live gym boards, it’s as simple as scanning a QR code with a smartphone. MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) will be collected throughout the day whenever users are moving around with their MZ-Open-connected device.

Existing Myzone-powered training zones in Australia, New Zealand, Canada the US, and the UK, will be able to activate MZ-Open from March 13th, 2024. It’s a huge opportunity for clubs to attract more members into their Myzone-connected communities.

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The rise of smart technology in fitness training

With tech infiltrating every aspect of our lives, fitness trackers have seen a steep rise in popularity over recent years. Statista recently predicted that by 2028, the global smart watch market will jump from a value of just over US$38 billion in 2021 to more than US$62 billion.

There is strong evidence of the results people are seeing from incorporating gamification into their fitness routines and goals. It’s also a proven way to increase member retention within gyms and fitness communities.

As an increasing number of people embrace wearable technology to track their health and fitness, Myzone is riding the wave by offering an inclusive pathway for more users to access its heart rate training ecosystem and global community.

About Myzone

For gym owners, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and instructors, Myzone creates connected fitness experiences that keep communities moving. Embrace accurate heart rate tracking and real-time feedback powered by fitness trackers, gym screens, and an online social platform. Myzone rewards individuals for all physical activity, helping more people to live their best life, one heart beat at a time.

Myzone is used in over 9000 facilities across 84 countries. With MZ-Open, it’s now also accessible on Apple and Android smartwatches. Join us, united by movement, measured in MEPs.

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