Building A Supportive Team – 8 Ways To Get Your Group Ex And PT Staff To Work Better Together! Part 2

Part 2 of 2 (read Part 1 here)

Content Exchange

Although I have not seen this technique of team building for a really long time, one of my favourite ways to connect with my coworkers was to have a content mixer meeting.

At this exchange, instructors would come together and review protocol, share new industry information, and interchange ideas and choreography.

Try assigning one person, or better yet partner people up, for the job of presenting a specific topic, something they learned at a recent conference, or just be in charge of the focus of the information for that session.

This could be done monthly, quarterly, or anytime, and include different departments.

There is so much information to filter through and share, and both teams of trainers and exercise instructors would benefit from the collaboration.

Team Challenges

Run an in-house competition where people can work, create, train, compete, and celebrate together. Instead of separating employees by department, randomly choose teams of mixed participants.

Plan a Myzone or specific skill challenge, like timed push up competitions, plank holds – anything that is fun or engaging and will get people mixing together.

Go out beyond your walls and include the community. Scavenger hunts can be fun, and if you can get other businesses involved, it gives staff a chance to get out, enjoy the company of other employees, and meet your neighbours!

Group Meetings That Are Fun & Functional

Having a great, well planned, organised, and entertaining meeting is incredibly important. Most employees dread meetings, so it is your responsibility as the boss, or as a Group X or Personal Training department head, to ensure that the time spent is worthwhile. Yes, there will be the need to cover standard employee information, but plan your purpose and make your meetings memorable.

Occasionally do meetings that are inclusive with other departments. There are many web-based party games that allow people get to know each other in a fun way.

Jackbox Party Games ( make for a great social event. Recognition awards can also bring your team together. If you serve some decent food, you may get more people to participate. One of my managers was able to get shoes and another offered money at the gym’s café. Get creative!


I have worked at dozens of facilities in my career. My students consistently ask for recommendations for personal trainers. I am more likely to recommend ones I know, have seen work with people, or those who have attended my classes.

The more familiar I am with their personality and knowledge, the more likely I am to send them the business.

Trainers significantly add to the revenue of the club, and Group X is not typically seen as moneymaker. But classes do bring in members, and if both departments can find a way to see each other’s strengths, and what we each bring to the table, we can all benefit.

When our members experience a cohesive team, participating in events together, feeling genuine respect for one another, and with virtually no dissing of individuals or departments, then the positive results will resonate throughout the club and uplift everyone!

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Article written by Aileen Sheron for the What’s New in Fitness Summer 2019 Edition.

Image courtesy of My Fit Station.

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