10 Tips To Grow Your PT Business

With summer here, now is the perfect time to develop and action strategies in order to grow your Personal Training business.

Before getting started, it’s essential to pinpoint clarity around your niche to distinguish you from other Per-sonal Trainers. This will help establish a clear reason as to why customers should choose you to help them build their personal fitness and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

10 tips to grow your PT business: 

1. Know your audience 

Map your client’s journey to and within your business.

Draw out the different user pathways using a large sheet of paper and marker pen. Identify how your cus-tomers interact with your business via the touch points (joining process, training sessions, newsletter signup, end of membership, emails, social media, website, newsletter…) Different people have different user paths, with many commonalities. Identify where the key points are and how these can be optimised to ensure cus-tomer retention and business growth.

Understanding your business through the eyes of your customers will allow you to match your marketing strategies with their mindsets, giving you an added advantage within your niche.

This is also a great method for identifying potential weaknesses in your current offering.

2. Referrals 

Bring a friend & refer a friend campaigns are proven to help fill classes and acquire new clients. Reward your lead generating clients – they’ll be more likely to do so again in future.

Additional referral streams can be established with local businesses (physio’s / doctors / local cafes). This works best when a reciprocating referral arrangement is created which is also of mutual benefit.

3. Value Add 

Increase value to enhance your client’s membership.

It’s important to nurture your clients and make them feel special. Providing useful and beneficial offerings that extend beyond the expected is a great way to build rapport.

In addition, clients who make progress with their health & fitness whilst having fun exercising are far more likely to rave to their friends.

4. Email List 

Email your database at minimum once per month (Sunday or Monday evenings around 8pm produce the best results).

Segment your list to email warm leads, lapsed clients & existing clients separately. Having a clear objective for each send-out will produce higher conversion rates.

Newsletters should include a variety of hyperlinks to move your audience from your newsletter to your web-site and social media channels.

5. Marketing Collateral 

Ensure your website and social media channels are in line with your business proposition to strengthen your brand and offering.

6. Social Media 

Use Social Media to engage your clients and grow your audience. This is an effective way to build trust, inter-act with your community and convert followers into paying clients. Laser targeted ads towards your target audience on Facebook & Instagram can achieve high conversion rates and are powerful business tools when used correctly.

7. Grow your Community 

Creating a community online and offline is key for business growth. To do this, you must be useful & benefi-cial at all points throughout your business.

Your engaged community will do a large portion of your marketing for you. Online communities will like, comment and share your information. Offline communities will attend workshops / events and talk about you, unprompted.

8. Collaborate 

Extend your reach by collaborating with local businesses who have a similar target audience. Eg: juice com-pany, healthy food / snack company, activewear, local healthy café… 

9. Passive Income 

Most multi-million dollar businesses have approximately 7 steams of revenue. Passive income can boost rev-enue with little effort required once initiated.

Brainstorm potential new revenue streams using a large sheet of paper. The new IsoWhey® Sports Online PT Store provides a fantastic platform for Personal Trainers to earn some extra revenue, simply by selling Is-oWhey product to clients at discounted rates, and earning the rebates.

10. BE your brand 

Ensure you present yourself in alignment with your brand. How you depict yourself is important, in both the real world and social media.

Where appropriate, wear clothing with your company name & tag line which clearly identifies your niche.

Article by Alison Morgan, Relauncher 

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