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Registrations open for next GetCommandoFit Mission

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting cooler, it is easy for fitness routines to fall to the wayside, however Commando Steve is making it easier to stay focused and get fit for life with registrations for GetCommandoFit Mission 3 opening today. Kicking off on 25th May, the next mission provides a 13-week health and fitness journey with new recipes and workouts for all fitness levels.

Week one, also known as fundamentals and education week sees Commando Steve teach the core movements that make up the foundation of the workout plan. This is followed by 12 weeks’ worth of structured workouts, healthy meal plans and daily recipes designed by Commando Steve and his team of experts (nutritionist Kelly Richardson, Chef Kim Wiggins, Sports Chiropractor Luke Khoury and Sports Scientist Selasi Berdie), to nourish and support optimal health, vitality and a sense of wellbeing and better prepare you for the rigours of life, whilst Commando’s ‘Core Values’ enables you to operate at optimum levels while maintaining homeostasis, allowing participants to strengthen both mind and spirit.

There are four tiered programs in Mission 3 catering to all fitness levels:

  • Get Active: Designed for those who don’t exercise regularly, the Get Active Workout Plan aims to help ease people back into an active lifestyle or those looking to start their fitness journey. Participants are encouraged to be active three to five days per week however no equipment is necessary and workouts can be done from any location.
  • Get Fit: Created for those with an active lifestyle, a basic existing exercise program, those new to GetCommandoFit training or who lead a busy life, this level consists of three to five workouts per week and requires the use of dumbbells and a jump rope only. No other exercise equipment or gym access is necessary.
  • Get Fit Intermediate: Designed for those wanting more variety and dramatic results from their training. It consists of six challenging workout days, one rest day and occasional bonus ‘Commando Kicker’ exercises. Participants with a competitive streak can earn Commando Points and compete with others.
  • Get Fit Advanced: The Get Fit Advanced Workout Plan consists of six, highly challenging workout days per week. The workouts will incorporate strength, cardio and gymnastics components and utilise a full spectrum of exercise equipment to provide the variety expected from an advanced program.

Unique to GetCommandoFit is the ability to join up as a ‘Squad’ or team at each level. From his own army background, Commando Steve knows how beneficial working as a team can be. It creates camaraderie, builds community support and drives competition. Participants can join up with their own group, join an ‘open’ squad or even Commando Steve’s squad once they have signed up to the program. Squads can pick emblems and compete against other squads to work up the leader board and earn bragging rights, collect GetCommandoFit Points and raise its GetCommandoFit status.

Speaking about the launch of the new mission, Commando Steve said:

“Optimum health and vitality should be part of every person’s quest and lifestyle. With winter fast approaching, we all tend to be drawn towards comfort but this inevitably undermines our efforts. With laziness comes susceptibility to illness and chronic disease, which once set in can be extremely hard to combat. With the new mission, I am hoping to encourage more people to think differently about their health, diet and fitness and educate them on the traits required to operate at their optimum and get fit for life.”

GetCommandoFit Mission 3 is a one-off cost of $199 (save $46.70) or $18.90 per week for 13 weeks (total cost $245.70). Visit to register interest and sign up now!

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