The Rise Of Suspension Training

Bodyweight Training is officially the number one fitness trend in the world in 2015!

Suspension Training is a form of bodyweight training that utilises bodyweight and gravity to provide a full body workout with functional movement patterns, and allows you to perform literally hundreds of exercises.

Because the equipment is small, cheap and lightweight, suspension training can be an excellent option for personal trainers wanting to train clients in a variety of locations.

Why use Suspension training with your clients?
Suspension Training is one of the World’s most popular training methods because it works! It is also fun, challenging and provides huge variety to keep clients engaged.

The key benefits of incorporating Suspension training into your sessions include:

  • Exercise variety
  • Core engagement – scientifically proven to engage the core at a higher level
  • Functional strength
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Versatility – hundreds of exercises, and use it anywhere

Suspended movements take the idea of core training to a whole new level. Suspended exercises have the feet suspended, which results in a significant rise in core activation in order to maintain correct posture. In this position, the force of gravity is pulling the pelvis down, which demands significantly more core activation to counteract. Because the user’s feet are freely suspended, we can also introduce numerous dynamic movements that require power generation through the trunk, lower limbs and even upper limbs. This allows suspended movements in multiple planes of motion and with different levels of force being applied.

By integrating Suspension Training into your core routines, you can gain the benefits from targeted core training that specifically matches your demands, and meets you at your level and helps progress you towards peak core strength, stability and power.

How to get the most out of Suspension Training.
To safely and effectively utilise Suspension Training with your clients, it is recommended to become a certified coach, and learn the fundamental techniques that underpin each exercise. This ensures you can harness the full power of Suspension Training with clients of any level. Small technique changes can make a BIG difference!

The most popular Suspension course in Australia is the “Advanced Suspended Fitness” course, which provides 8 CEC’s and is offered in every capital city by Australia’s leading suspension equipment and education company – CrankIt Fitness:

Article written by Owen Bowling for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine, Summer 2015 edition.

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