Uptivo – Individual & Group Heart Rate Tracking

Introducing Uptivo – a complete fitness ecosystem designed to motivate and engage your customers through effort monitoring and gamification.

Real-time heart rate tracking

Real-time training monitoring makes courses competitive and engaging and boosts trainees’ motivation while building a collaborative environment.

By leveraging the cardio frequencies displayed on the screen, coaches can monitor trainees’ effort levels during each session and can step in as needed to adjust the lesson’s pace.


Your new business opportunity

Expand your fitness offer with Uptivo Belt and Uptivo Armband to give your members the flexibility of these HR sensors: group training and workout classes (HIIT, spinning…), training with the club’s equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines), or iOS and Android smartphones.

Uptivo - Your new business opportunity

These HR sensors can be customised with your Club’s logo based on purchase quantities. The Uptivo solution is also compatible with the main heart rate monitor brands.

Review all members’ activities in Uptivo Cloud

Uptivo Cloud deploys the best tools for a professional and engaging management of your club members’ workouts. Targeting the training to members’ age and fitness level, motivating them with rankings and medals, creating a cohesive social group with an active community by sharing targets and progress on social media: these are just some of the advantages that Uptivo provides to make your Club an exclusive fitness environment.


Fitness challenges and friendly competition

Uptivo provides several tools to add fun to your members’ workouts: you can divide your class into up to 4 teams and arrange friendly UPPs-based challenges among them, displaying daily, weekly, and monthly rankings based on UPPs, calories, and Target Zone time.


Uptivo Levels

Uptivo levels are based on the recommendations of the The World Health Organisation (WHO) and reward continuity and perseverance.

Improving on a scale of ten difficulty steps, training becomes more challenging and fun.

From Rookie to Titanic, let’s start the challenge!

Health Tracking

Uptivo is compatible with body composition analysis solutions in order to gather relevant information on members’ fitness shape and track their progress over time.


Take your classes outdoors 

Uptivo Trainer, an app for iPad, is a great tool to help trainers at your club and personal trainers in their daily activities. The app helps your staff to configure the entire Uptivo system in a few steps and allows you to take your individual and group fitness activities outdoors!


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