PushPress Gym Management Software: Revolutionising Fitness Business Management for Australian Gym Owners

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the Australian fitness industry, effective gym management plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of both fitness professionals and gym owners. The right management platform can make the difference between a seamless membership experience and something that’s clunky and inconvenient for the manager, staff, and members. PushPress Gym Management Software provides a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimise all of the various aspects associated with operating a gym or fitness facility. In this article, we will explore the features and pricing, and offer a comparative analysis with similar gym management software tools such as Glofox,  Mindbody and Zen Planner and the pros and cons of using PushPress. Tailored for Australian fitness professionals and gym owners, especially in the CrossFit space, this article offers insights into how PushPress can support businesses and enhance member experience, which in turn will result in increased retention and client satisfaction.

What is PushPress Gym Management Software?

PushPress Gym Management Software caters to the unique needs of gym owners and fitness professionals. It provides an all-in-one platform for gym management, automating administrative tasks and allowing owners to focus on delivering top-notch training experiences. The software offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to even the least tech-savvy individual. PushPress is designed to increase member engagement, streamline communication with members and between staff, and optimise business operations, all contributing to the growth and success of fitness facilities.

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Features of PushPress Gym Management Software

  • Membership Management:
    PushPress simplifies membership management by providing tools to track member information, subscription plans, and renewal dates as well as cancellations and membership holds. This feature accelerates the onboarding process and ensures accurate billing.
  • Attendance Tracking:
    Fitness professionals can effortlessly monitor member attendance using PushPress. This not only aids in tracking member engagement and identifying members who may need a welfare call but also helps in identifying trends and customising workout programs. Coaches and trainers who take the extra step to check in on a member who might not have attended a class in a while may find out about an injury, illness, or a change in work situation that they might not have heard about otherwise. From there, the coach can offer support and modifications to training, reducing the risk of a member cancelling unnecessarily.
  • Scheduling and Class Management:
    PushPress offers seamless scheduling of classes, personal training sessions, clinics, workshops, and events. Members are able to book in and cancel while keeping an eye on class capacity and wait lists. Coaches can see in advance, who is booked to attend a class, allowing them to plan any necessary modifications. The integrated calendar feature helps gym owners organise classes efficiently and optimise their offerings.
  • Billing and Payments:
    With integrated billing and payment processing, PushPress streamlines revenue management. It supports online payments, automates billing cycles, and generates financial reports and forecasts for a comprehensive overview of the business’s financial health.
  • Communication Tools:
    PushPress provides an array of communication tools, including automated emails, SMS notifications, and in-app messaging. These tools enable gym owners to stay connected with members, sending timely reminders, updates, and promotional offers. It also incorporates a staff chat function so team members can easily communicate with each other, even when they are not at the gym.
  • Staff app:
    Having this function means staff members have access to all the information they need, even while at home. Trainers and coaches can view class reservations, check-in members to their class, manage the class (e.g. capacity and assigned coach), and access the aforementioned staff chat forum (this is a watered-down version of “Slack”). The chat function can be separated into various relevant threads e.g. rostering, members, general, education and maintenance, meaning it’s easier to find the required information, without having to sift through all previous messages.
  • Train app:
    This extra add-on is now integrated with the members app which means members don’t need multiple apps and can check the workout for the day so they know what they’re in for. It also features certain training programming integrations, such as Mayhem, PRVN, CrossFit Affiliate Programming, and others. The Train app allows a coach to build a personalised training program for clients as well and track their progress and adherence throughout the program.
  • “Grow” app:
    This is another extra feature that, if opted for, allows staff to email/text members and nurture leads – it is also possible to have a member from the PushPress “Grow” team build a website for the gym as well as being able to offload some appropriate work to them. Automation and workflows allow you to minimise workload, such as tracking the client journey and sending automatic emails at 30, 60, and 90-day intervals. All automations are individualised to your preferences and able to be edited as needed. Grow also includes appointment scheduling for appointment types and calendar integration, an email builder to distribute newsletters/campaigns, and built-in AI assistance for time-consuming but important tasks such as social media content.
  • Performance Tracking:
    The software facilitates performance tracking, allowing fitness professionals to monitor member progress over time. This data-driven approach assists in designing personalised workout plans and setting achievable goals. In the Train app, members are also able to log their scores for each workout, track their personal bests, and compare themselves to their clubmates. This allows for tracking personal progress and beating old scores as well as a bit of healthy competition between mates.
  • Retail Management:
    PushPress includes a point-of-sale (POS) system that simplifies retail management. Gym owners can effortlessly manage sales of items such as merchandise and supplements, adding extra sources to their revenue streams. This system includes a pre-order function so owners no longer have to deal with excess stock and can order exactly what members want, need, and have pre-paid for, adding it to their regular membership bill. This is especially useful when ordering merchandise, knowing how many of each size/style/colour t-shirt to order without being left with excess stock hanging behind the front counter for months gathering dust. Protein powder, creatine, and other various supplements can also be pre-ordered and paid for by members ensuring they don’t miss the next bulk order and subsequent gains.
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How much does PushPress Gym Software cost?

PushPress Gym Management Software offers tiered-based pricing plans based on the specific requirements and size of the gym, the number of members and staff, and if multiple venues are being covered under the one management system. While the exact pricing details are best obtained by contacting PushPress directly for a personalised quote, the current estimates (as of September 2023) from the website are as follows:

“Pro” service for mid-sized gyms/facilities $159/month (USD)

“Max” package for larger gyms/facilities $229/month (USD)

They also offer a free trial allowing owners to fully evaluate the software for themselves before deciding if it’s the right choice for their facility. Helpful staff are always on hand to talk through your needs and cater a package to suit your facility based on staff and member numbers, as well as any specific feature requirements.

It is important to view this investment as a strategic one. By leveraging the features and capabilities of PushPress, gym owners can potentially achieve significant time and resource savings, leading to a strong return on investment (ROI) in the long run. The time saved by automating a majority of the admin tasks that PushPress is capable of e.g. releasing workout programming, billing, and taking merchandise orders, means time better spent elsewhere, including other revenue-raising jobs.

PushPress vs. Similar Gym Management Software

To provide a comprehensive analysis, let’s compare PushPress with three other prominent gym management software options: Glofox, Mindbody, and ZenPlanner.

  • PushPress vs Glofox:

    Glofox, another leading player in the gym management software sphere, shares several features with PushPress. Both platforms offer membership management, attendance tracking, scheduling, and billing functionalities. However, PushPress stands out with its emphasis on user-friendliness and simplicity. Australian fitness professionals and gym owners who prioritise ease of use and a straightforward interface may find PushPress more appealing.

  • PushPress vs Mindbody:

    Mindbody is a versatile management software known for serving various industries, including fitness and wellness. While it provides an extensive suite of features, it may appear more complex to gym owners seeking fitness-specific functionalities. In contrast, PushPress takes a niche approach, catering specifically to the needs of fitness professionals and gym owners. This targeted approach could resonate well with Australian fitness businesses aiming to streamline their operations with software tailored to their industry.

  • PushPress vs ZenPlanner:

    Zen Planner is a more comprehensive platform with a broader range of functionalities, including advanced reporting, member self-service options, and integrated marketing tools. Zen Planner is often favoured by larger gyms and studios seeking a more robust system to handle their complex operations, however is slightly more awkward to use and not as user-friendly for the operator. It also does not have the same level of member features as PushPress.

Pros and Cons of PushPress Gym Software


  • Simplicity and User-Friendliness:
    PushPress is celebrated for its intuitive interface, making it accessible to gym owners with varying technical backgrounds. This simplicity translates to quicker adoption and reduced learning curves. It is also incredibly member-friendly, while gym managers use these systems all day, remember that members usually just want to log in briefly, book into a class, and perhaps see what the workout is. They need it to be quick and painless – PushPress offers this.
  • Fitness-Focused Features:
    The software’s specialised features cater directly to fitness businesses, ensuring that gym owners have the tools and systems they need for effective member engagement, lead nurturing, and business management. It can seamlessly integrate with other fitness tech products such as key fobs and card readers simultaneously as memberships are cancelled or restarted.
  • Enhanced Communication:
    PushPress’s communication tools foster stronger connections with members through personalised messages, notifications, and updates. This can lead to higher member retention rates as members feel valued.
  • Performance Tracking:
    The performance tracking capability provides actionable insights for fitness professionals to create customised workout plans, track progress, and set achievable goals for members. Members are also able to track their progress and identify areas for potential improvement.


  • Limited Industry Scope:
    While PushPress excels in serving fitness businesses, its specialisation may limit its broader business management capabilities. Gym owners seeking a comprehensive solution for various industries such as wellness, health, and beauty services may need to consider an alternative management platform.
  • Pricing Consideration:
    The initial investment required for PushPress might be a factor for gym owners with budget constraints, especially a new facility trying to get up and running. It’s crucial for businesses to carefully evaluate the potential long-term value against the upfront cost, taking into account time-saving. However, in saying that, it is a more economical option compared to other platforms.

PushPress Gym Management Software presents itself as an invaluable tool for Australian fitness professionals and gym owners striving to optimise their operations and enhance member experiences. With a comprehensive suite of features encompassing membership management, attendance tracking, scheduling, billing, communication tools, and performance tracking, PushPress is poised to elevate the standards of gym management.

While similar gym management software options like Glofox, Mindbody, and ZenPlanner offer their own strengths, PushPress distinguishes itself through its user-friendliness and fitness-specific design. For Australian gym owners seeking an accessible yet powerful solution tailored specifically to their industry, PushPress presents an obvious choice.

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, the decision to adopt the right gym management software becomes increasingly important. By strategically leveraging the capabilities of PushPress, Australian gym owners can streamline operations, foster member engagement, and position themselves for increased membership and revenue. As gym owners weigh up pros and cons, it’s crucial to choose software that doubles as a business ally, helping them make decisions that steer their facility toward sustained growth and success.

For more information about PushPress gym software, visit the PushPress website.

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