How To Enhance Your Personal Training Career?

Get to know the new nationally recognised/accredited Diploma of Weight Management (10698NAT) – qualification?

Personal Trainers can now add a new nationally recognised qualification to their existing skillset with the Diploma of Weight Management 10698NAT; this newly accredited course aims to offer a more advanced skillset than the existing Certificate IV in Weight Management (10576NAT) for those looking to raise their professional careers to the next level.

Career outcomes include Weight Management Specialist, Advanced Weight Management Practitioner and Advanced Health Coach.

Whilst the Personal Trainer’s Scope of Practice will remain unchanged, the Diploma of Weight Management falls under the Weight Management Practitioner’s Scope of Practice, which is a big win for PTs as this means that they will be able to plan, conduct and evaluate advanced weight management programs and nutritional plans fully customised to their clients’ needs and backed by insurance (offered through Global Weight Management Federation)

The Diploma of Weight Management provides a holistic approach to weight management underpinned by an educative approach in the concept of the human body as a non-linear and complex adaptive system. It will enable PT’s to apply specialised skills and knowledge in order to recognise interrelated contributing factors to weight gain and to develop research-based programs for their clients.

“This qualification opens up exciting opportunities for the weight management industry and I see it as a positive step in creating career pathways and closer relationships between the various medical and health professions working under the weight management umbrella”. Ms Bella said (Director of Australian College of Weight Management).

Ms Bella also feels that the fitness industry will benefit greatly from this new course as it will provide the ability for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals to expand their service offerings by being able to provide a more holistic approach to their clients’ needs.

In addition to covering weight management psychology and behaviour change principles, the Diploma of Weight Management also covers advanced topics such irregular hormone function, insulin resistance, ineffective lipid metabolism, inflammation, excessive adiposity, gastrointestinal microbiome dysfunction and other potential factors contributing to client body weight regulation as informed by current evidence-based research and advancements in the industry.

Ms Bella’s vision centres around changing the face of the Australian weight management industry to bring a more holistic approach to weight loss and weight management and to encourage higher levels of networking, referring and supporting the needs of clients by working together on a united front against the alarming levels of obesity in this country, which is why she developed the Certificate IV in Weight Management in 2015 and now the Diploma of Weight Management.

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Diploma of Weight Management 10698NAT

Courses delivered by the Australian College of Weight Management – Qualifications issued by RTO #32107 (Online Fitness Pty Ltd)

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