The Importance Of Spray Tans In Lifting Comps

Why Spray Tan is an Important Component in Lifting Competitions

Competing on stage requires a hundred percent dedication, months of training and eating clean. Walking out on the stage is the ultimate prize. There is nothing that can prepare you for how you feel when you finally walk on the stage to present your lean sculptured body to the world.

You want to look your best. You want your overall look to showcase your commitment to the sport. There are numerous things the judges look for when they are making their final decisions. Your tan is a crucial aspect of how you are judged.  It needs to be perfect and the colour needs to look great under the stage lights.  A good tan can be the deciding factor between you and the competitor next to you.

I have used TechnoTan for every competition and photo shoot as it gives me a consistent and even tan every time. My skin looks even, healthy and most importantly it ensures that my muscles look defined. I was able to apply it over several days and despite my rigorous training, it stayed fresh and even for several days after each competition. I would highly recommend TechnoTan for anyone getting ready to take the stage.

Article by Tori Stock (Instagram: toriloveslifting)

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