Introducing The Multifunctional GluteBuilder By gym80 International

Toned glutes for the perfect posterior are now high on the agenda for gym goers worldwide.

gym80’s Glutebuilder is a multifunctional machine designed to provide a hassle-free way to perform effective free weight glute exercises.

Whether the end goal is aesthetic, or for improved sports performance, the rise of glute training in the media means that members are now looking for a safe, convenient solution to replicate this in their local facility.

The GluteBuilder by premium German manufacturer Gym80 is a multifunctional machine designed to provide a hassle-free way to perform effective free weight glute exercises.

It addresses challenges normally associated with performing exercises such as the barbell hip thrust.

For example, the GluteBuilder features a height-adjustable bench to cater for all users. The bench is fixed to two lateral supports over an anti-slip platform. This ensures the bench does not move during the exercise and the lateral supports allow the barbell to be rolled and positioned on to the user’s hips easily.

The gym80 GluteBuilder - Versatile

The GluteBuilder incorporates additional features such as integrated weight plate horns and resistance band hooks, making it an ‘all in one’ product that can be used to perform all core free weight glute exercises including:-

  • all hip thrust variations
  • all glute bridge variations
  • deadlift variations
  • reverse hyper variations
  • Nordic hamstring curls
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • resistance band squats
  • glute kickbacks and more

Versatile and space efficient, users can perform over 30 different glute exercises on this single product, which makes it ideal for personal training and small group classes.

The gym80 GluteBuilder - Space Saving

Numerous exercise videos are available for reference on the Instagram account @theglutebuilder_exercises.

Dale Lindsay, Vice President Sales & Marketing Asia-Pacific at gym80 International commented – “We have seen huge growth in products like the GluteBuilder globally and it is a must-have for any club operators today. Other single movement, hip thrust glute machines on the market, just don’t come close in terms of the overall functionality and training variety the GluteBuilder offers members.”

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More information on the GluteBuilder from gym80 International is available at, by call 0432 633 454 or by enquiring below.[/box]

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