Keepme – The New AI Tool For Smarter Member Retention

Keepme is a new AI tool that looks to dramatically improve your membership retention.

With statistics revealing that 53.5% of all new members terminate their memberships within 12 months, addressing the problem with customer retention has never been more vital.

Keepme is a new unique AI tool, designed specifically to revolutionise member retention for the health and fitness industry.

Keepme provides gyms and health clubs with a conceptually refreshing and intelligently driven approach to proven member retention. The Keepme tool will see a broad spectrum of gyms, health and fitness clubs drastically change their approach to keeping valuable memberships.

Through automated AI driven analytics, which use individual member data to identify patterns conducive with membership exits, the tool allows client users to re-engage with customers and significantly increase retention, through the integrated communication suite.

Keepme - Smarter Member Retention

Latest figures published by IHRSA to show that the market is now worth £68 billion (AU$121.83 billion). With member subscriptions generating more than 80% of this revenue (and annual member retention at less than 60%), it is very clear that retention strategies are crucial to maintaining the lifeblood of fitness businesses and ensuring their continued success.

The unique Keepme tool works by analysing individual member data to apply a highly accurate algorithm score that is associated with a risk of leaving.

The tool is designed to provide clients with in-depth and actionable insights, enabling fast and effective engagement to avoid losing the customer.

Keepme - Reach out at the right time with On-Site insights
Real time On-Site insights.

Founder Ian Mullane commented: “We identified that membership retention is a primary factor in the continuing financial viability of a fitness business. It’s also one of the most resource intensive and time consuming to manage on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve designed the Keepme tool – to revolutionise the approach to keeping customers and maximising revenue streams effectively.”

The Keepme AI tool is now available in Australia.

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