Study Finds Personal Trainers Set To Be One Of The Most Stable Jobs Of The Future

A new report entitled ‘The Future of Work – How Can We Adapt to Survive and Thrive’, has tipped personal trainers as among the most stable jobs of the future.

The report, released by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand on February 23rd 2016, has addressed how the workforce of the future will need to focus on adapting their current skill sets and be more flexible, and how on-going technological advances will put some jobs at risk. But for those in more caring face to face industries such as personal training, in home carers, chefs and bakers; these will be some of the most respected and sought after jobs as we move into the next decade.

“This report really highlights that personal training can be a long, rewarding career, and the demand for PTs is set to continue,” says Dyanne Ward, CEO, Australian Institute of Fitness. “At the Australian Institute of Fitness, we have been delivering quality education for over 30 years now, along with investing in our career partner program to ensure our graduates stand out with the skills employers are really looking for.”

Michael Cunico, National Fitness Manager at Fitness First, one of The Institute’s career partners says, “The fitness industry has grown strongly in recent times, and with that has come a shift in the perception of what working in the industry means. Previously it was thought the fitness industry was for training obsessed individuals who were looking for an opportunity to combine their passion for exercise, with getting paid. Things have certainly changed at every level of the industry, and personal trainers are sought after for their skill and expertise in all fields, from strength and conditioning to injury rehabilitation.

“Trainers who specialise and become experts in their field are highly sort after by people from all walks of life, from professional athletes to stay at home mums. Management roles are also readily available, as the industry’s boom has seen a sharp uplift in the volume of actual fitness facilities being built.”

For those wanting to ensure they have a long-lasting career in fitness, and find out about further education contact the Australian Institute of Fitness.

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