Life Fitness Australia

Life Fitness is the world’s leading manufacturer in Commercial and Corporate fitness equipment with our head manufacturing plant in Chicago, Illinois.

Life Fitness delivers the highest quality and most reliable fitness equipment available, sold in over 125 countries, Life Fitness is widely regarded as the global leader in Commercial fitness equipment.

The expansion of Life Fitness Australia was established in 1995. We employ over 90 full time staff nationally with significant warehouse and showroom facilities in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia along with comprehensive service and support in South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

At Life Fitness Australia we are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and a comprehensive quality assurance program to ensure all our equipment is factory built, tested and calibrated prior to every installation.

We currently employe 26 full time support technicians each with their own dedicated Life Fitness vehicles stocked with an extensive range of spare parts. we have the largest infrastructure of any commercial fitness supplier with over $2 million dollars in spare parts, including motors, belts, consoles and control boards.

Our certified pre-owned commercial cardiovascular and strength equipment offers exceptional value for money. Our reconditioned equipment is fully remanufactured in our Melbourne factory, where each machine is completely rebuilt from the ground up. Every part is detailed, painted, rebuilt or replaced with genuine Life Fitness parts.

Our Chicago design and manufacturing facility conducts tests on each component of our equipment, whether it’s looking at software, electronics, mechanics or product longevity. Each product is put through intense durability and load testing in our facilities lab. A process that has helped us secure the world recognised ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate.

Having complete ownership of our Life Fitness brand, being the product manufacturer, supplier and installer and after sales service provider has earned Life fitness the reputation of Australia’s most reliable Commercial fitness equipment supplier.

We have a proven track record of selling to all facets of the industry including commercial health clubs, hospitality sector, corporate gyms, military and defence facilities and elite sporting clubs worldwide.

Life Fitness Australia is a total solution that you can rely on to take care of all of your commercial fitness equipment requirements.

We believe there is no better supplier to partner with.

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