Total Gym® Elevate Circuit™ – From HQH Fitness

Designed to be intuitive and simple but challenging for all levels of fitness, the Total Gym Elevate Circuit comprises of 6 single station units that are ideal as part of a self-serve circuit on the gym floor, for group training and on the cardio deck.

Total Gym developed the Elevate Circuit taking the proven functional training principles of the PowerTower and GTS using the unique concept of incline bodyweight training as the method of resistance.

Offering over 80 exercises on the Total Gym Core Trainer, Total Gym Leg Trainer, Total Gym Pull-up Trainer, Total Gym Press Trainer, Total Gym Jump Trainer and Total Gym Row Trainer, users can work a full body workout in 30 minutes.

The Elevate Circuit fitness equipment set is one of the most premier gym equipment packages and is designed to keep the user performing at the peak of their game.

Product Benefit
A line of commercial gym equipment, the Total Gym Elevate Circuit offers safe and effective functional strength training for all fitness levels. Using adjustable bodyweight training, each piece in the Elevate Circuit incorporates the user’s own bodyweight as resistance.

This unique circuit is ideal for personal training, a self-serve circuit on the gym floor, or as the foundation for a group training program.

Benefits to the individual exerciser:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Strengthens functionally.
  • Enhanced performance of daily activities and increased athleticism.
  • Exercises can be progressed or regressed to accommodate all fitness levels.
  • Added variety of exercises.

Training applications and biomechanics.

  • Closed-chain partial loading of the joints.
  • Concentric and eccentric loading.
  • Trains prime stabilisers & proprioception.
  • Multiple exercises and variations.
  • Low impact, non-compressive.


  1. Built for multi-planar movement.
  2. Adjustable bodyweight resistance.
  3. Ergonomically designed to perform the correct exercises.
  4. Each unit features a placard showing how to perform exercises and the circuit.
  5. Intuitive in design.
  6. Adapts to all fitness levels and body sizes.


  • Floor Space (area): 225 Square Feet.
  • Maximum user weight capacity for each unit: 400 lbs [181 Kg].
  • Frame & Rail Construction: Steel with steel reinforced extruded aluminium rails.
  • lideboard: Synthetic Rubber and / or upholstery.
  • Rollers: Sealed precision ball bearings.
  • Warranty and Shipping.
  • Commercial Warranty: Frame- 5 years.
  • Moving Parts (rollers) – 1 year.
  • Upholstery – 90 days.
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