On Your Spin Bike!

Is your head in a spin about which bikes to choose for your club or studio?

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing an indoor cycling bike. Do you want high performance, a great price, or something that will impress potential new members? Whether you’re buying, replacing, or upgrading, we’ve done the legwork to bring you a snapshot of what’s out there.

Body Bike Connect, Eye Fitness Trixter X-Bike 1000, Blue Fitness Spinner Blade


The European made Connect bikes are a watts based bike. As opposed to just measuring heart rate, this bike measures the watts directly from a load-cell built in to the mechanicals of the cycle. The bike has fully enclosed covers on the internal moving parts. This helps to reduce damage from sweat, water, dust, gym towels and even participants.

Easy to put together, the cycles are 90% assembled in the factory which means just a 15 minute setup is required. Connect is ANT+ compatible and in 2012 won the ANT+ award.

Over 60 centres are using the bike in all states of Australia, comprising franchises, managed facilities, as well as stand alone centres of all sizes.

We asked Lee Smith, Partner of Body Bike Australia, if he had any words of wisdom for someone looking at their options. ‘Spend a little more and get a lot more. Purchase quality bikes that members and instructors will want to ride. The low maintenance, great adjustability, consistency in feel and great authenticity of the bikes also helps a centre stand out.’

$2,750 (inc GST)

More info: phone 02 4648 4002 or visit www.body-bike.com.au

Did you know? Body Bike is the spin bike endorsed by the Les Mills RPM program and is used throughout their gym chain in NZ. Commercial prices on request.



The Trixter X-Bike 1000 is a freewheel system which is chain-driven, like a regular bicycle, which means your members have to work harder to apply power the entire way around with each stroke. This freewheel system truly mimics cycling outdoors as it engages hamstrings on the upstroke as well as quads and glutes on the downstroke.

The X-1000 is the only indoor cycle that features Trixter’s patented X-Bar handlebar mechanism. The handlebar movement promotes improved balance and coordination, offering enhanced total body fitness benefits.

The X-1000 features seven levels of upper body resistance and 32 levels of pedalling resistance, making it far from stationary. With the combination of both upper and lower body functional exercise, the X-1000 burns 55% more calories than a standard indoor bike. The idea of pedalling over demanding terrain adds the extra element of upper body resistance as the rider works to control the bike, shift body weight, absorb trail shock and pump the handlebars on climbs and downhills.

$1,995 (ex GST)

More info: phone 1800 771 079 or visit www.eyefitness.com.au

Did you know? Trixter products are currently endorsed by the International Cycling Union and is used by spinners such as Mark Webber, Richard Branson, Scott Beaumont (BMX World Champion), and even the boys from One Direction!



Blue Fitness is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the SPINNER® Bike and the SPINNING®  indoor cycling program. The Star Trac SPINNER bikes are in hundreds of cycle studios across the country and have been for more than a decade. The SPINNER®  Blade is manufactured by Star Trac and, according to the company; it ‘Combines user-focused features with a high degree of adjustability, to deliver best-in-class performance for riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities.’

So why should you choose the SPINNER®  Blade? It features an extra durable crank system, rust-defying materials, rock-solid construction and a q-factor that is the closest you will get to that of a road bike. ‘When you purchase a SPINNER®  bike from Blue Fitness you are getting a dedicated support team, education and training for your instructors and access to more accessories and information than any other brand or reseller,’ according to Blue Fitness.

$1,995 (ex GST)

More info: phone 03 9691 4700 or visit www.bluefitness.com.au

Did you know? That globally one in two bikes sold across the world are a SPINNING®-branded bike.


Schwinn AC Sport, Matrix Tomahawk S-Series, Lemond Revmaster Pro


In 1995, Schwinn introduced the first production bike designed specifically for indoor cycling, and have been at the forefront of the indoor cycling phenomenon ever since. Schwinn started building bikes 115 years ago! This has positioned them as the leader in innovation and design for indoor cycling bikes. Features such as Smart Release™ hubs, oversized bottom brackets, and ISIS bearings were all pioneered by Schwinn and followed by the rest. Schwinn® indoor cycling bikes have always been – and will always be – about real bike performance first.

A key feature of the Schwinn AC Sport is ‘Magnetic Resistance’ which uses magnets to create resistance. This eliminates the need to replace or service parts.

Add a simple rider setup, new performance handlebars and the MPower™ Console offering the rider cadence (RPM), time, telemetry heart rate, kcal, watts, speed and distance, and you’ve got yourself a happy spin class participant.

$1,699 (ex GST)

More info: phone 1800 651 391 or visit www.thefitnessgeneration.com.au

Did you know? As well as the AC Sport, The Fitness Generation distribute the AC Performance and the IC Pro spin bikes.



Brett Jones, Corporate Sales Manager at Johnson Health Tech Australia (JHTA) says they choose to be the distributor of Matrix over other indoor bike brands because ‘Having been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, and having sold numerous brands of indoor cycles, I can honestly say that the Tomahawk S-Series definitely stands out in terms of durability, adjustability and user comfort.’

There’s also the option of ‘MyRide +’. This is an interactive high resolution touch screen that can be paired with an overhead projector. Brett explains, ‘MyRide + can project forward motion video and workouts, creating a cinematic experience for an entire group class. The technology also has the ability to create a virtual timetable and have classes run themselves!’

But it’s not just the bike specs that should affect your decision. ‘Buying a quality indoor cycle is just the beginning of the purchasing relationship,’ says Brett. ‘Ensuring that prompt reliable after sales service is available is even more important.’

$1,599 (ex GST)

More info: phone 1300 786 688 or visit www.matrixfitness.com.au

Did you know? The Tomahawk product range has won best in ‘Indoor Cycling’ category at the annual European BodyLife Awards four times since 2005.



The LeMond Fitness RevMaster Pro offers a unique set of upgrades from previous models, providing maximum riding comfort. Designed as the successor to their original bike, it integrates a narrower crank to more closely replicate the feel of an outdoor bike. The RevMaster Pro has an increased range of micro-adjustability in the handlebars and seat, allowing a customised fit for even the most discriminating riders.

The bike is used by numerous Fernwood clubs, YMCA of Sydney, Wests Tigers Rugby League, Five Dock Leisure Centre, Cronulla Sharks Football Club and Red Alligator PT. Greg LeMond, Tour de France champion and founder of LeMond Fitness, says that the LeMond RevMaster performs like a great road bike. “Improved corrosion resistance, a two-piece bottom bracket cartridge designed to withstand greater force and a nickel plated flywheel with individual bearing assemblies guarantee long life and ease of service,” says Dale Lindsay, Key Accounts Manager.

$1,999 (ex GST)

More info: phone 02 9550 2883 or visit www.avantifitness.com.au

Did you know? The LeMond RevMaster comes with a Pilot option which displays cadence/RPM, time, distance, heart rate and calories and has a coded system for no crosstalk.

Article written by Lee Price for What’s New In Fitness Magazine – Autumn 2013 edition.


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