WNiF At The 2019 Sydney Fitness Show

The Sydney Fitness Show is back in town and this year there’s a new format to push quality toward your commercial supplier space.

Reward your effort and capture the moment.

We all know how important it is as supplier (old or new) to have a presence at the largest trade show in the southern hemisphere. It’s also no secret that a lot of time and money goes into that one weekend in the year where you can connect with your target market and key industry decision makers.

Take advantage of your ‘stage’ presence. This is you opportunity to create and extend the professional image of your brand for on-going future marketing and promotional campaigns to the Australian fitness community.

Filming Pack – Professional Promotional Video Production

It’s no secret how powerful a visual can be to promote your business. You also know that your target audience is far likely to engage by having that visual than not having it. It’s a reflection of where you are right now and presents your story and your point of difference.

Any outreach you have can create and leave an impression of your business and brand. Every touch point creates an opportunity for an existing or potential client to experience what you have to offer. Sure it’s great to offer your stakeholders the latest or greatest piece of equipment or a new software package, but it’s as much about your vision, your attitude, your culture, your direction and your relationship as it is the product. Don’t wait another 12 months.

So what will your promotional video look like?
That will of course depend on any specifics you have in your brief, but here are a couple of examples of what it could look like.

Over the weekend, our team will film to your brief and any special requests that may arise. We’ll then begin editing and post production to ready your promotional video for presentation.

To compliment your new promotional video , WNiF will create and publish your video in a feature article on the website and boost the post through all our social media channels.

Cost: $1299 +GST

Image Pack

Our professional photographers can capture your team and your activities at the show over the weekend including:-

  • Equipment launch shots
  • Stand or stage demo images
  • Sales or team presentation shots
  • Stand shots
  • Team photos
  • Individual staff images

The image pack includes 10 images of your choice with the option to add more if you wish.

Cost: $399 +GST

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