Fitstop Rapidly Expands their Functional Fitness Footprint

With Aussies all across the country embracing the freedom of returning to the gym, the demand for functional fitness has soared, and Fitstop, a rapidly growing fitness brand, is reaping the benefits. Fitstop is looking to become the next big thing in the group training and functional fitness arena.

Their ambitious goal is to establish 150 new locations in New South Wales and the ACT within the next five to seven years.

Fitstop’s innovative custom-built app empowers members to track and manage their entire fitness journey. From scheduling sessions and completing programming series to accessing nutrition and performance benchmarking, everything is conveniently available through the app.

What does Fitstop's functional fitness model offer?

Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together by simulating common movements you might perform at home, work, or during sports. It engages both upper and lower body muscles while emphasising core stability. The four elements—lift, perform, condition, and sweat—work in harmony to optimise results

The “Lift” sessions focus on strength, incorporating progressive overload and functional strength exercises. Compound lifts, isolation exercises, stability, and mobility are used to improve movement quality and overall muscle development.

“Perform” sessions are designed to elevate athletic performance by including compound lifts, explosive movements, fast intervals, and full-body burners. These sessions enhance both anaerobic and aerobic capacity.

“Condition” serves as the ultimate test of cardiovascular and muscular endurance. It features a variety of full-body conditioning and high-intensity exercises to keep the heart rate elevated for extended periods.

The team-based “Sweat” incorporates elements from the other three session types, emphasising partner workouts and fostering a sense of community.

fitstop expands nsw

Image courtesy of Fitstop Wollongong

The appeal of Fitstop attracting new members

Fitstop offer the first session for free, with no obligations. Thousands of people leave this 50-minute experience feeling better, and many return for more. This try-before-you-buy offering is a great way to open the conversation with potential new members and have existing members bring a friend along to a session.

There are also a few subtle things that Fitstop do that can alleviate the anxiety that some members might feel toward group fitness. Daily Session Previews allow members to know what to expect when they rock up at their session later in the week. They’ve also developed a “tier and streak” system that rewards members for consistency and allows them to share their efforts if it helps them stay motivated to keep their workout streak going when it’s cold and windy outside.

Consequently, Fitstop is rapidly expanding and actively seeking fitness entrepreneurs to join their growth journey by launching new Fitstop gyms across NSW and the ACT. There are franchise opportunities available, so why not grab an information pack and see if this is your next chapter?

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