Five Questions With XTREME International’s Chris Chatto

Craig Mac, WNiF Publisher, interviews Chris Chatto, Director at the leading altitude simulation technology company, Xtreme International.

XTREME International (XIT) provides altitude simulation technology for sports performance, fitness, health and wellbeing, and custom applications. The company is supported by global supply partners, working together to provide cost effective solutions to drive an altitude world through advanced engineering, technology and education support structures.

Craig: XTREME have been at the forefront of simulated altitude technology for over 10 years now. Why do think altitude training has now become a popular add-on or supplementary service offered by gyms and studios?

Chris: The fitness and wellbeing marketplace has never been more competitive. Businesses are looking for a point of differentiation to attract and retain valued clients. Simulated altitude technology, with purposely designed training programs and education, offers a viable solution for time-poor clients (you burn approximately 25% more calories at altitude than at sea-level) and enables businesses to introduce another chargeable service to maximise the return on investment.

Craig: Is there a minimum size requirement for an altitude training room, and what equipment can be used in the training room?

Chris: The optimum size of a simulated altitude training room, is very much dependent on the businesses target market – fitness, sports, rehab, weight loss, etc.

Based on XTREME’s experience, to successfully adopt simulated altitude technology, businesses should view implementation holistically. In addition to implementing the room, they should also invest in ongoing training, education and programs to maximise personal benefits for clients, and their business model for effectively monetising their investment.

In terms of equipment, XTREME can provide suitable package options.

Craig: Is client screening or assessment required before exercising in a simulated altitude training environment and is it suitable for everyone?

Chris: YES, client screening and assessment is part of client safety protocols and is required prior to exercising in a simulated altitude training environment.

XTREME endorse the protocols established by industry bodies such as the Adult Pre-Exercise Screening Tool designed by Fitness Australia, ESSA and Sports Medicine Australia.

The Foundation training course offered by Altitude First International covers client screening and assessment in detail.

Some individuals require medical clearance before commencing any physical activity; it’s the same for altitude training.

Considering the introduction of a Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) room to your gym or studio – speak to XTREME International today.
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Craig: What are the basic installation costs for a simulated altitude training room, and are there high running costs post-installation?

Chris: Cost vary depending on the size of facility and options a business wants to pursue.

XTREME’s Altitude Zone Technology is designed for businesses to maximise return. Zone Technology enables multiple rooms to be converted into simulated altitude environments when scheduled utilising the one system, not multiple systems. This not only provides businesses with greater flexibility in catering to a larger cross section of clients, it also minimises the purchase, installation and operating costs.

XTREME’s Pinnacle System provides a 20-30% reduction (on a like for like basis) in compressor power consumption, the largest operating cost component.

Evolution of technology in the last 10 years has resulted in a significant reduction in purchase and operating costs. The purchase cost of an 80m2 simulated altitude training room today would be equivalent to the cost of a smaller 24m2 room 10 years ago.


Chris: ALTITUDE FACTOR is a programme of structured instructor led classes. In association with our education partners Altitude First International, XTREME have developed an exclusive programme that includes HIIT style training called AIIR. Clients want to maximise the limited time they have, and ALTITUDE FACTOR was developed for that outcome whilst providing an exhilarating, motivational and results driven experience.

To speak with an XTREME International representative call 0406 976 011 or enquire below.

Article written for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Summer 2017 Edition.

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