The Fitness Franchise with Low Overheads and High Temps

There’s never been more choices available than there are today, when it comes to owning a fitness franchise and finding a brand that aligns with your interests and values. And just when we thought we had every kind of fitness offering covered, we were introduced to J.I.M, the lovechild resulting from the combination of a workout and an infrared sauna. Not only is J.I.M turning heads for its unique approach to wellness, but it’s gaining attention from investors as a fitness franchise with low overheads.

What is Joy In Movement?

In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness, Joy In Movement (J.I.M) emerges as the pioneer in fully automated, infrared fitness studios, redefining the way Australians experience their workouts. With an innovative approach that has garnered attention from fitness enthusiasts to celebrities, J.I.M brings a unique fusion of technology, wellness, and results.

The concept of J.I.M goes beyond physical fitness, emphasising inclusivity and comfort. J.I.M studios are designed to be super dark with no mirrors, allowing members to focus on their journey without external scrutiny.

Coached by an AI instructor, JIM, members work out inside the infrared environment, getting a double-whammy of benefits at the same time. There are almost 30 different workouts on offer, which run for thirty minutes each.

fitness franchise with low overheads

Thought about owning a gym franchise in Australia?

Fitness franchises have long been a popular business model. They are a great option for those who want to run their own business without having to build a brand from scratch. They also often come with marketing support from HQ, which can be beneficial to both those who want less risk / a proven business model, and those who are just looking into a fitness franchise as an investment. Joy In Movement is a newer concept on the block and they have changed the game when it comes to fitness franchises. Not only have they tweaked their model to allow franchisees lower overheads, but they also have an innovative concept that will get people in and out the door faster, which means you can hold more classes, and can therefore accommodate  more members.

How J.I.M created fitness franchise with low overheads

J.I.M emerges as the pioneer in fully automated, infrared fitness studios, redefining the way Australians experience their workouts. Because of the benefits of the infrared heat and their shorter 30 minute workouts, members can receive twice the results in half the time of a normal workout.

For franchisees, it solves a lot of problems. You can set up a J.I.M in 50m2 (most gyms need 200m2, which can be hard to find). J.I.M operates on a $155, 000 turnkey model. A franchisee can be profitable with a little as 50 members, and it requires minimal staff.

What initial franchise fees are involved in owning a J.I.M?

Founder and CEO of Joy In Movement, Jarad Hobbs, says, “Currently, our initial franchise fee is $50k. This allows someone to secure a territory and operate a J.I.M business within that territory.”

What kind of equipment needs to be purchased to run a J.I.M?

“Equipment and rent is often where many franchisees take a big hit, but for J..M, we use less equipment and operate in a smaller space.”, says Jarad.
To operate a J.I.M, all you need is 50 – 100m2, which is considerably smaller than most boutique gyms, which demand 150 – 300m2. This gives Joy In Movement a huge advantage in finding great sites. The price of real estate will vary depending on where the territory is based, and the team at J.I.M HQ encourage franchisees to find their own space, but will help in finding a suitable location if needed. “We always sign off on the space before they lock it in to ensure it is suitable”, adds Jarad.

The J.I.M workouts are based on Pilates / yoga and functional training, so equipment consists of mats, Pilates rings, balls, bands, dumbbells and foam rollers. Compare this to other fitness franchises that require purchasing expensive cardio machines and strength rigs and you get a smaller initial investment and a faster ROI. “We are very focused on lower overheads and higher profit margins for our franchisees, along with a fast return on investment”, says Jarad. “Specific equipment costs, along with initial investment, fit-out expenses; etc are all provided in our franchise disclosure document.”
joy in movement franchise

How does J.I.M keep operating expenses to a minimum?

“In bricks and mortar businesses, your two biggest expenses are often rent and wages. While rent will vary from location to location, our biggest advantage regarding wages is that JIM runs the class! So, no coaches or expensive wages”, says Jarad.
A studio manager is all that’s needed for day-to-day operations in a J.I.M, so an investor would need to hire someone to fill that position. An owner/ operator could take on that role with no additional staff required.
Ongoing, J.I.M charge franchisees an 8% service fee as well as a 2% technology fee of revenue. “The 2% technology fee is unique to our model because most fitness companies don’t do that or see it as an important thing to invest in”, says Jarad. “We see the future in technology / AI and we want to ensure our company keeps investing in it. Our studios are fully automated and can operate with no staff, thanks to technology. That being said, our focus is on developing the AI character JIM, as the coach running the classes.”

What sort of support does HQ provide to J.I.M franchise owners??

J.I.M franchisees have access to an in depth induction process and the J.I.M Portal that has support, tips and operational information. “We have a 6 week marketing pre launch system along with ongoing monthly marketing campaigns and promotional offers, supplied by J.I.M head office.” says Jarad. “Our franchisees spend a minimum of 2% on local area marketing. This is to create awareness and attract people into the local J.I.M studio.”

What sort of ROI does a J.I.M franchise offer?

J.I.M is a subscription based business model, offering unlimited classes with a recurring membership between $50 – $70 per week. A studio operates 7 days per week, 365 days a year and offers over 60 classes every week. Not only does that create more value and convenience for members, but it allows each studio to have a larger membership base than other models.
“Every location will vary with different economies at play, but we have built a discovery cash flow model that potential franchisees can play with based on our current franchise disclosure document. The goal is to give a clearer insight to projected revenue, return on investment, member breakeven numbers, along with ongoing earning potential. I also like that you can create best and worst case scenarios with the model, as owning a franchise or any business can have risks and you should always do your due diligence.” says Jarad.
“A great example would be our first franchisee who is an owner / operator. They needed 67 members to break even. They opened the doors with 122 members, so the studio was cash flow positive from opening and they already had a ROI within 12 months.”
“All other locations have been able to open with 100+ members and be cash flow positive from day one, which is a great indicator for the demand and uniqueness of our product, Infrared Workouts.”
low cost fitness franchise

The popularity of infrared therapy has been growing steadily for several years now, and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The J.I.M model not only capitalises on that trend, but would also appeal to the time-poor and the “gymtrovert” as well. J.I.M has certainly piqued our interest, so stay tuned for our review of a Joy In Movement experience.

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