Why Diet and Exercise Has Nothing To Do With Your Weight

Presented by Christian Marchegiani, Susie Burrell and Nardia Norman

When? Saturday 18 July, 9am to 1pm at the University of Sydney, Wallace Theatre.

Leading dietitian Susie Burrell, celebrity trainer and exercise specialist Christian Marchegiani and former personal trainer of the year Nardia Norman will be presenting their honest, practical advice for taking control of your weight, for good. Their Australian first seminar, titled ‘Why diet and exercise has nothing to do with your weight’, will be to be held at Sydney University on Saturday 18 July.

‘Ultimately we want to give people an opportunity to hear scientifically sound, practical lifestyle advice delivered by professionals who are skilled and qualified to be giving it’ says Susie Burrell. “My talk will focus on the psychology that underlies successful weight loss as well as the hormonal influences that can make fat loss difficult. I’m offering an alternative to the out of date messages and highly restrictive dietary models the average person finds challenging to maintain. Nardia Norman will speak on the importance of striking lifestyle balance for busy women, which will compliment my focus on hormones and weight control.”

From the exercise perspective, no one knows the challenges of successful weight loss like fitness expert Christian Marchegiani who himself lost 50kg before becoming qualified as an exercise specialist.

“When it comes to exercise there is this great divide because people have this misconstrued idea of what it actually is and what it does for our bodies. We can probably thank social media for this, as everyone seems to be an expert now just by having a lot of followers and images. Exercise is not an event. It’s something you want to do and shouldn’t be ‘motivated’ to do because people are forcing you to. My talk will focus on how to make exercise an integral part of your life, not matter what your age or fitness level is,” says Christian Marchegiani.

This event signifies the first of its kind to be held in Sydney, and the organisers hope it will pave the way for those qualified to be giving specific diet and exercise advice to take the lead and stand strong in scientifically proven approaches to weight control.

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