Five Questions With LEO YOUNG

Five questions with… Leo Young, CEO, Synergy Fitness.

Synergy Fitness has had a long and proud history since 1976 as world leaders in the innovation, design and evolution of commercial strength and conditioning equipment. The Synergy group was the very first to design and manufacture pin loaded machines with compound converging/diverging arc, unilateral movement technology, for its upper body pin loaded machines. These original, very simple, yet highly effective revolutionary designs still form the basis of the Synergy strength line and are an industry benchmark in design for other leading commercial fitness equipment manufacturers around the world.

Craig Mac (WNiF Publisher): How important is the creation of new and innovative products in today’s industry?
Leo Young: The creation of new and innovative products is critical to Synergy and is part of our DNA because this challenges our fitness partners in the market every day when they open their doors for business, and for many with 24 hour access they never close them!

With the doubling of the number of gyms open within the last eight years in Australia we have never seen a more competitive environment in which to operate as a club owner or club manager.

So the ability to therefore differentiate your facility is fundamental, with this equipment, fitness solutions and education become extremely important components of this differentiation.

CM: What piece of Synergy Fitness equipment do you believe is a must-have for gyms, and why?
LY: Our patented bilateral stability control technology across our Infinity pin loaded range is truly unique and enables users to train in a way previously not possible – not only physically training their body in a balanced way, but also effectively and efficiently training the whole mind-body complex, via it’s impact of left/right brain hemisphere balancing.

CM: The decision to open, refurbish or even relocate your gym or studio is a huge undertaking. When it comes to selecting your equipment why should Synergy Fitness be considered as a solution?
LY: Revolutionary progression… and by that I meant that no other Fitness equipment brand in the world can offer bilateral stability control or unilateral movement across an entire range of strength and cardio products. More importantly though we also have a world class after sales service team fully trained on all Synergy products and solutions to ensure minimum problems and equipment downtime.

It’s no use having a world class product if you cannot back it up with class leading after sales service – this is fundamental to our brand and our philosophy.

CM: Member engagement, cardio entertainment, wireless connectivity, app integration, live tracking – all playing their part in taking your gym experience to a new level. What advice would you give gym owners in today’s landscape?
LY: Gym owners of today face an ever increasing digital landscape in which their product has to be relevant to the latest trends and technical developments. Therefore having products and solutions that are not ‘closed technology’ but have an open technology (API) platform and can be integrated with the latest apps and devices is very important. For example with our Synergy Air app product this can be integrated with other platforms and apps due to its open API platform.

CM: Your Synergy Air range is quite unique – tell us a little more about that technology?
LY: Synergy Air offers a conditioning workout that is a genuine game changer due to a patented Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) system married with air displacement resistance which gives the user the unprecedented ability to work at both extremely low loads for rehab and over- speed work, as well as staggeringly high loads, where for example, you would potentially need to generate over one million watts of power on the Power Tower or Power Climber to be able to complete 150 full movement cycles a minute (as compared to 400 to 900 watts on leading commercial ellipticals, climbers and other cross training machines). Whilst that’s obviously humanly impossible, it reflects just how high the potential maximum load is, which therefore facilitates extremely effective elite power and strength training and what this means is that the seven pieces in the range can offer a level of training variability like no other cardio or conditioning product on the market.

To speak with a Synergy Fitness representative in your state call 1800 219 622 or visit

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Interview conducted by WNiF Publisher Craig Mac for the Autumn 2017 Edition of the What’s New in Fitness magazine.

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