5 Questions With…Dale Lindsay

Craig Mac, WNiF Publisher, interviews Dale Lindsay, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Asia Pacific at gym80.

The gym80 story began back in 1980 where the motivation was simply to make training better, more enjoyable and more efficient.

A worldwide manufacturer of fitness and high performance equipment, that incentive is still valid today.

Multi award winning strength equipment where high tech meets craftsmanship, gym80 is distributed in over 30 countries worldwide and continues to push the boundaries of biomechanics, precision craftsmanship and clear design. And the good news for us? gym80 is now available in Australia.

gym80 - Showroom in Gelsenkirchen
gym80 showroom in Gelsenkirchen

Craig: How critical is it to have a deep understanding of your customers and their needs when designing strength equipment?

Dale: We have worked with some of the leading club brands in Europe, including McFit (270 clubs), Repeat and John Reed Fitness clubs and continue to innovate and create great products for all our customers. Being MADE IN GERMANY, we have a “Best in Class” Design philosophy, combining excellent biomechanics which follows the natural strength curve of our users and optimal resistance profiles to ensure the best strength training experience.

Craig: The purchasing decision for a fit out of new commercial fitness equipment is multi-faceted, why should a club owner consider gym80 as a worthwhile investment?

Dale: It’s an exciting time in the Industry, with disruption pushing longstanding brands to evolve their products. Speaking with club operators, there is a great opportunity to provide a premium strength offering which is different from our competitors. We have a number of complimentary and unique products, which other brands may not carry:

  • GluteBuilder & Bootymizer products
  • Brand new 80ATHLETICS range
  • SYGNUM Cable Art Series
  • PURE KRAFT Plate Loaded series
  • New No Bullshit Range with new ‘sliding load’ drop mechanism


Craig: Customisation has become an extension of brand expression. How do gym80 deliver on this?

Dale: Our booth at FIBO 2019 displayed the extend of our Customisation to create a personalised experience with our products.

This included special frame colours and textures, over 18 standard upholstery colours, stitching options and custom logo embroidery.

Laser cut customer signatures into the frames for some of our clients is also a special request.

Craig: Tell me a little more about your functional performance portfolio?

Dale: Great question, we recently launched our brand new 80ATHLETICS range at FIBO 2019 seeing the growth in the market across both functional training brands and the rise of boutique operators. However, we wanted to set a new standard of heavy-duty functional training equipment compared to what is already out in the market today, so we designed a new range with 80 mm square tubing which is 4 mm thick and ensures exceptional durability for our customers and 4-way hole design for complete adjustability.

Craig: As the newest commercial fitness equipment supplier in the Australian market, what service and support structure is in place for gym80 customers (or partners)?

Dale: With Australia being considered a more mature fitness market in the region, compared to other emerging fitness markets in Asia, we believed it was very important to have a direct business model in Australia to help grow the brand. This enabled us to make sure that our pricing is as competitive as possible in the market for Made In Germany products.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Want to find out more?
You can get more information on the full range of commercial strength equipment now available in Australia from gym80 – call Dale direct on 0432 633 454 or email Dale.Lindsay@gym80.de.[/box]

Article written by Craig Mac for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Winter 2019 Edition.

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