All you need to know about the Wattbike Atom

Indoor cycling has become more popular than ever, both among trainers and fitness enthusiasts. The Wattbike Atom fits snugly into this category with its innovative features, data-tracking, and sleek design that will fit perfectly into your home.

The first iteration of the original Wattbike Atom was introduced in 2017, but it has since gone through an upgrade with the Next Generation of Wattbike Atom.

The Wattbike has reworked the Atom, offering a more realistic ride for uphill exercises. Pushing yourself further is all part of the challenge, with its 22 gears and a resistance motor that further reflects the challenges of the real world.

The Next Generation of Wattbike Atom weighs about 44kg with a crank length of 170mm. As the Atom can be adjusted to suit your preferred riding position, it is ideally suited for riders from 5 feet tall to 6.5 feet.

What's so good about Wattbike?

Indoor riding is now more efficient with the onset of technology. Training indoors provides a controlled environment where you won’t need to worry about the weather, others on the road, or the road surface itself. This then provides you with accurate power data.

The Wattbike brand is one of the most established indoor stationary bike trainer brands worldwide, used by pros and enthusiasts, and is known for its ability to replicate the feeling of cycling outdoors.

The Wattbike Atom (Next Generation) is no exception. It has been designed for a broad range of applications and users. It features a new electromagnetic resistance system with faster reactions when connected to third-party apps and is designed to take your riding experience to the next level.

With the Wattbike Atom, your sessions become more efficient and controlled. You only need to focus on your pedalling and not worry about any external factors that could influence your ride. Sessions are further enhanced and more interactive via the Wattbike Hub and other third-party apps.

The Atom (Next Generation) is compatible with various devices and apps, including Zwift and Sufferfest. With these integrations, you can easily connect to training programs, track your progress, and even compete in virtual races.

wattbike atom

What is the different between Wattbike Atom and Wattbike Pro?

The Wattbike Pro is the flagship model from the brand and has become a staple in the Wattbike line-up, but how does the Atom differ from the Pro?

The main differentiating factor between the Pro and the Atom is that the Pro uses air resistance, whereas the Atom offers an electromagnetic resistance system. This new system means that the higher the current that flows through the magnets, the greater the resistance. This results in more power being needed to turn the pedals.

The Atom also offers a better fit than the Pro. The Atom (Next Generation) allows users to adjust certain aspects to suit their riding position.

The other notable difference between the two models is that the Atom does allow for connectivity to third-party apps, which creates a more immersive cycling experience.

What features does the Wattbike Atom offer?

The Wattbike Atom (Next Generation) is packed with features making it one of the most advanced indoor cycling bikes on the market.

Features of the Atom (Next Generation) include:

  • A real bike feel as the Atom automatically reacts to changes in elevation during virtual rides. It is like riding a bike outdoors but indoors.
  • The Atom delivers an accuracy of ±1% with a power range of 0 to 2500 watts.
  • The Atom is compatible with a range of training apps and devices
  • Test your fitness level and find personalised endurance rides, HIIT workouts, climbs, and training plans.
  • Monitor performance with detailed metrics, including power, cadence, and heart rate.
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity for wireless data transfer.
  • An easy assembly as the Wattbike Atom arrives mostly assembled with only the tri-bars and pedals that need to be attached.
  • The Atom offers an adjustable saddle and handlebars to get your perfect fit. Multiple users can also use the Atom with its quick and easy adjustable set-up feature.
  • Electromagnetic resistance makes the Atom quiet and perfect for home use.

The Wattbike Atom (Next Generation) offers a complete training solution with every aspect taken care of. From easy assembly to dynamic technology, it truly is a stand-out piece whether you are a home user or fitness trainer.

How accurate is the Wattbike Atom Power Meter?

The Wattbike Atom (Next Generation) is pretty accurate and offers a power and resistance range of 0 to 2500 watts. It also reads your data 1000 times per second, which is pretty impressive.

The power accuracy is ±1%; for instance, if the Wattbike Atom says that you are putting out 200 watts, then your actual output would lie between 198 and 202 watts.

This makes a small variable, but it accurately reads your power overall.

wattbike atom next generation

Image sourced from Wattbike Australia.

Does the Wattbike Atom come with any data tracking features?

It is important to note that the Wattbike Atom does need to be connected to power, and while it doesn’t have its own screen display, you can use a tablet or screen to show your training data.

The Wattbike Atom can be connected to the Wattbike Hub. The data is then transmitted via Bluetooth and ANT+.

With your Wattbike Atom connected, you can capture and track a range of metrics, including power, heart rate, calories burned, and more, including an analysis of your pedalling technique. You can access even more data when connecting to a third-party app like TrainerRoad and Zwift.

However, you don’t always need to be connected to Wi-Fi. Once you have completed the initial sign-up via Wi-Fi, you can ride whenever you want without being connected to the internet. Instead, the Wattbike Atom will sync your data the next time you open the app and are connected to wi-fi, which means no data is lost.

Unfortunately, the Wattbike Atom doesn’t connect to wearables such as the Apple Watch or Fitbit, but you can sync heart rate monitoring features. The Atom also pairs with Bluetooth, ANT+, ANT, Polar, and Wattbike heart rate straps. You can also connect the Wattbike Hub app to Apple Health to track other data points.

What type of warranty does the Wattbike Atom come with?

There is a 2-year limited warranty for the Wattbike Atom, so if you experience any issues with your Wattbike, you can rest assured that the servicing team is on hand and ready to help.

Pros & Cons:

Pros of the Wattbike Atom

  • Easy to set up
  • Almost silent riding
  • Adjustable to accommodate most riders
  • Range of resistance levels
  • Accurate and realistic
  • Connectivity to third-party apps
  • Great design

Cons of the Wattbike Atom:

  • Limited connection to wearables
  • Hard to identify gear changes

The Wattbike Atom (Next Generation) is the ultimate indoor training bike that allows you to train whenever you want. The compact design makes it easy to slot into any home space. The connectivity it allows means you can further enhance your training while tracking key metrics. Overall, the Wattbike Atom is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their indoor cycling to the next level.

Novofit is the exclusive Australian distributor for Wattbike.

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