New Offerings from Les Mills set to Inspire the Next Generation

With Gen Z and Millennials accounting for around 80% of the total fitness market, clubs have no choice, but to sit up and pay attention to what it is they want. As strength-based workouts continue to soar in popularity for this demographic, gym operators are asking how they can lure them from the gym floor to the group exercise space, where the benefits of revenue, member retention, and referrals are felt most.

A new series of programs is being launched by Les Mills Asia Pacific targeting younger generations. The first of these workouts, LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT and LES MILLS SHAPES are about to roll out in clubs throughout Australia.

What is the new Les Mills Limited Edition Collection?

The 2022 McKinsey Future of Wellness Survey reported that 40% of Gen Z consider achieving better fitness a “very high” priority, compared with 35% of Millenials, and 32% of the rest of the population. Getting those younger generations through the doors is a worthwhile exercise for fitness club operators.

The new Les Mills Limited Edition Collection features workouts that are crafted for a younger audience, and coached by certified trainers. The innovative and challenging new programs have been tested in the Les Mills living labs around the world and offer progressive boutique-style workouts, tailored to align with the most popular fitness trends among Gen Z and Millennial members. These workouts include strength, cardio, and a greater focus on connection and mental health.

les mills shapes australia


This 45-minute workout is designed in science-backed phases, to build strength, improve technique, and increase confidence. A full set of 12 workouts is provided to Instructors, enabling autonomy for clubs to deliver the workouts in a schedule that best meets the needs of their members.


A full-body strength workout drawing from Pilates, barre, and power yoga, SHAPES™ is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. The workout keeps participants connected to the floor, so it has a low impact on joints but is designed to improve strength, coordination, and flexibility.

les mills strength and development australia

What does this mean for fitness clubs?

The rollout of these new Les Mills programs has been designed to allow clubs to recruit and upskill new and existing Instructors in a streamlined way. Certified Instructors will be able to start teaching these programs within a week. The Limited Edition Collection brings a one-off full set of program Releases, giving clubs the autonomy to run in a way that best suits their individual timetable, and also supports experimental programming, depending on consumer trends and needs.

In short, clubs offering Les Mills workouts will be able to fill out their timetables by swapping out stale time slots with dynamic new offerings to their group exercise schedule.

To learn more about how to bring these innovative new programs into your club, contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia, or visit this link.

About Les Mills Asia Pacific

Les Mills is the global leader in group training and creator of over 23 programs including RPM®, BODYBALANCE®, BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, BODYSTEP® and BODYATTACK®. Les Mills workouts are delivered by 130,000 certified Instructors in 21,000 gyms across 100 countries, as well as via the LES MILLS+ streaming platform and Virtual Reality (VR).

For 25 years, Les Mills Asia Pacific has been meeting the group fitness needs of clubs and Instructors in Australia and Southeast Asia. Les Mills Asia Pacific offers the Ultimate Group Fitness Solution to keep members connected to your club, and to reach new audiences with omnichannel fitness solutions. 

To learn more about Les Mills Asia Pacific visit or follow Les Mills Asia Pacific on: Facebook | Instagram| LinkedIn

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