Technogym Ecosystem and Artis: Design meets Connectivity

The Technogym Ecosystem is an advanced open platform that integrates with a multitude of other software applications. By connecting with CRM, body composition, fitness equipment and wearable devices already used by a club or its’ members, Technogym’s Mywellness Ecosystem is able to adapt to both the lifestyle of each member as well as the business needs of the operators.

Using AI technology, the digital ecosystem can integrate with fitness equipment , regardless of the manufacturer so that the user can connect to their own personalised training experience anytime, anywhere. It also means that data currently stored in wearable apps such as Polar and Garmin, as well as trackers such as Strava, can all integrate with the Technogym open platform.

Technogym’s Artis line of products are designed to create aesthetically pleasing exercise spaces, without compromising on quality or functionality. The range includes 30 pieces of cardio and strength equipment, including the popular Artis Run treadmill.

With the integration of the Technogym Ecosystem, Mywellness and the high end calibre of the Artis equipment, it’s hard to find a better workout experience right now.

Technogym Artis Range

The Artis cardio line offer high end features such as device charging pads while you train, world-class smart consoles that tailor your workout to your goals and training level, while offering HD entertainment from Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and popular websites. The Artis Strength range also bring smart consoles to give you guided workouts, visual feedback and personalised programming.

From a visual perspective, the Technogym Artis equipment is striking. Available in two colours, Diamond Black and Carbon Grey, this equipment looks and feels high-end. Seamless design means that these pieces make an eye-catching addition to a luxury home gym set-up or a classy corporate health club.

Introducing the Artis Cardio Range:

The Artis cardio equipment range includes:

  • Artis Run (treadmill)
  • Artis Recline (recumbent bike)
  • Artis Vario (cross-trainer)
  • Artis Synchro (elliptical)
  • Artis Bike (upright bike)
  • Artis Climb (stair climber)


technogym artis range treadmill

The Artis Strength Equipment Line:

Upper and lower body as well as core focused machines will guide the user through customised workout routines. The range includes:

  • Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Pectoral
  • Lat Machine
  • Low Row
  • Rear Delt Row
  • Arm Extension
  • Arm Curl
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl
  • Squat Machine
  • Leg Press
  • Multi Hip
  • Adductor
  • Abductor
  • Total Abdominal
  • Rotary Torso
  • Vertical Traction
  • Lower Back

Mywellness, The Technogym Ecosystem

Integrating with over 140 membership management partners across 30 countries, Technogym really has established itself as a world leader in the fitness space. Years of work have gone into forging these partnerships, so that both individual users and fitness businesses can benefit from using Technogym to bring all their existing systems into one place.

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