The Energy Free EcoPower Runner

With an exclusive design and unique performance, Panatta presents the latest product in the ‘ECO Line’ family… The EcoPower Runner!

Perfect for extreme high-performance HIIT, functional and endurance training for even for the most demanding users!

The EcoPower Runner’s bio-mechanics are similar to the human movement for when the body is sprinting for power and acceleration. This machine benefits everyone, from top level athletes to your average gym goer.

With the EcoPower Runner, being 100% energy free, YOU are the engine, YOU are the driving force!

The Energy Free EcoPower Runner - Energy Free100% ENERGY FREE
The EcoPower Runner is completely mechanical and so does not require any power, making it 100% energy free.
The Energy Free EcoPower Runner - Ease of AccessEASE OF ACCESS
The backrest and anti-slip footrest make training easier and much more fluid.
The Energy Free EcoPower Runner - 7 Resistance Levels7 RESISTANCE LEVELS
The EcoPower Runner is equipped with a brake system with 7 resistance levels, which allows training for speed, resistance training and power.
The Energy Free EcoPower Runner - Large Handle GripsLARGE HAND GRIPS
Both high and low hand grips allowing for different running positions.
The Energy Free EcoPower Runner - Full Range of MotionFULL RANGE OF MOTION
This machine is designed to allow a full range of motion to any kind of user, with a step length of 95 cm.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Want to find out more?
For more information about the Panatta EcoPower Runner and to view the full Eco-Line range visit Panatta ECO Line or call 08 8387 3985.[/box]

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