Commercial Fitness Equipment: Cardio Machines, Strength Equipment, Pilates Reformers and Functional Training Gear.

A single piece of gym equipment can be the drawcard that gets some of your members through the door. There is such a vast array of commercial fitness equipment on offer these days, it can be overwhelming. Every space is different and so are the demographics you serve, so it’s worth taking the time to make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing fitness equipment for your facility.

Gym equipment is a serious expense, but when you get it right, the machines and exercise equipment you have on offer can be the reason some of your members choose your business over the gym at the other end of the street.

At WNiF, we want to help you make informed decisions relating to the commercial fitness equipment that’s available. We’ll try to bring you helpful information about that latest gym equipment on offer so you can find the best fit for your business and your members.

If there’s a product or topic you’d like us to look into, drop us a line and let us know!

filling your empty cycle studio

Solutions For Filling Up Empty Cycle Studios

With the home gym equipment market offering increasingly great value, and the humble stationary bike now more interactive and connected than ever before, you may be noticing less bums on seats in your cycle studio. A cardio theatre is a significant investment, both with the purchase and maintenance of exercise equipment and also due to

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north pole engineering in australia

North Pole Engineering and GROUPEX Join Forces to Expand Fitness Technology Access in Australia

North Pole Engineering, a global leader in sports and fitness technology solutions, has proudly announced a strategic partnership with GROUPEX,  appointing them as the exclusive distributor for North Pole Engineering products and solutions in Australia.  This collaboration represents a significant step in fortifying North Pole Engineering’s footprint in the Pacific region, providing Australian athletes, fitness

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les mills rpm 100 event

Les Mills Celebrate RPM 100 Release

Article updated November 2023. Les Mills Asia Pacific celebrated the 100th release of the hugely popular RPM cycling program with a sell-out event in Sydney this month. The milestone was a testament to 25 years of fresh, engaging workouts with a cult-like following of indoor cycling enthusiasts. What is Les Mills RPM? RPM is a

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wattbike atom next generation

All you need to know about the Wattbike Atom

Indoor cycling has become more popular than ever, both among trainers and fitness enthusiasts. The Wattbike Atom fits snugly into this category with its innovative features, data-tracking, and sleek design that will fit perfectly into your home. The first iteration of the original Wattbike Atom was introduced in 2017, but it has since gone through

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the run rocket sprint trainer

The Run Rocket

Take your sprint training to the next level with the Run Rocket. Used by professional sporting teams around the world, the Run Rocket sprint trainer is the way to train athletes of all levels for peak performance, increased agility, and explosive power. What is the Run Rocket Sprint Trainer? Lower body strength and power is

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cardio for lower back pain

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cardio for Lower Back Pain Sufferers.

Lower back pain is a common condition that affects over three million Australians (1) with estimates suggesting that 80% of the population will experience it at some point during their lives. For fitness professionals, this presents a unique challenge – how to incorporate cardio exercise into their clients’ routines while also taking care not to

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les mills live event singapore

LES MILLS LIVE Singapore: A party like no other!

Lights, Music, PreWorkout: A Weekend of Les Mills in Singapore Image courtesy of Les Mills Asia Pacific. It was a Les Mills party in Singapore, with over 5,700 participants working out to the same pumping beats. The LES MILLS LIVE event ran from 3-4th June and allowed fitness enthusiasts to enjoy workouts they know and

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technogym artis range treadmill

Technogym Ecosystem and Artis: Design meets Connectivity

The Technogym Ecosystem is an advanced open platform that integrates with a multitude of other software applications. By connecting with CRM, body composition, fitness equipment and wearable devices already used by a club or its’ members, Technogym’s Mywellness Ecosystem is able to adapt to both the lifestyle of each member as well as the business

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setting up a home gym business for your personal training

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Home Gym Business?

Thinking about setting up a home gym to cater for your personal training clients? If you have, we thought we would share some thoughts and information with you. It’s not uncommon for people to choose to convert an existing room or garage into a business space, such as a home gym. Consider whether the room

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Make Exercise More Accessible Through Technology

Make Exercise Accessible Through Technology

As we all know, we are living in unprecedented times. Between the onset of COVID-19, civil unrest, economic turmoil and an uncertain future, people are being pushed to their mental and physical limits. That makes it more important than ever to engage in exercise. It is incumbent upon all of us in the fitness industry

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Life Fitness - Heat Rowers Room

Life Fitness Expands Performance Training Portfolio

Heat Row and Heat Performance Row allow exercisers to train for every intensity level in any setting. Australia, November, 2020 Life Fitness have launched the Heat Row and Heat Performance Row, two powerful new rowing machines designed to enhance the rowing experience of all users. The Life Fitness Heat Rowers feature sleek and modern aesthetics

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rdx wrecking bag

RDX Wrecking Ball Punch Bag

Article updated April 2023. Looking for an exhilarating and effective training session? Look no further than the RDX Wrecking Ball Bag! Whether you’re a boxer, martial artist, or fitness enthusiast, this punching bag is the perfect tool to push your workouts to the next level. Keep reading to discover the standout features of this exceptional

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Technogym Case- Seamless, Tailor-Made In-Room Fitness Solution

Technogym Case: Seamless, Tailor-Made In-Room Fitness Solution

Augustus Hotel & Resort has recently launched new in-room fitness training options. In addition to the latest Technogym solutions showcased in the hotel gym, and since the first introduction of in-room training, Augustus has now chosen Technogym Case with a smart range of tools, functionally packed in a high-end design bag and completed by a

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Augletics Eight Style Ergometer

The World’s Most Advanced & Robust Rowing Machine

AUGLETICS rowing machines are thought one or two steps further in every respect. It starts with the optics and ends with the long-term motivation thanks to the large touchscreen, even during longer training sessions. The perfect workout for your bodyThe movement while rowing is perfect for keeping your body fit or getting it going again.

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Freemotion Fitness - Incline Trainers - i10b.9b

Experience What’s Next

This is the i10.9b INCLINE TRAINER with the new Freemotion SMARTSERIES™ powered by iFit®. The i10.9b Incline Trainer features -3% decline, +30% incline and easy-to-use 1-STEP™ Controls for HIIT training. The console powered by iFit® goes from simple to interactive when synced with a user’s smart device. Incline & Decline Training With up to 30%

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