Body Beyond Birth: Helping new mums reclaim their body and health

Article updated January, 2024.

Not many business partners strategize while trying on clothes, or hold meetings from their home Pilates reformer machines. But Becky Dyer and Jackie Steele, the Co-Founders of Body Beyond Birth, are women on a mission.

Both working mums who juggle school drop-offs, client meetings, family meals, and five young children between them, the pair are familiar with the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst raising a family. They are also living proof that it is possible, and want to use their incredible journey to inspire other women. A former HR manager at a global company, Jackie first met Becky, a trained Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, when she was pregnant with twins and suffering from back pain. So impressed was she with Becky’s core strengthening exercises that she became a regular devotee of her classes.

The duo continued to bond over their love of health and fitness but realised that many women out there did not have access to the resources they had when it came to maintaining their health after childbirth – let alone knowing where to start. Seeing a void in the market, they created a unique online fitness program designed by mums, for mums, called Body Beyond Birth.

Body Beyond Birth program

What is the Body beyond Birth program?

“Body Beyond Birth is the first online program tailored specifically for women, understanding the changes their body goes through after giving birth, and challenges they go through as they raise a family. We don’t just show women how to exercise, we show them how to do so safely. We also provide coaching support, and nutrition advice – and offer our tried-and-tested tips on squeezing time for yourself into the cracks!” says Becky Dyer.

Suitable for mums to perform at home, according to their own schedule, Body Beyond Birth guides women through a tailored twelve-week program that features online workout videos, nutritional advice, coaching, and an inspiration board. The site is a hub for post-partum women to discuss what inspires, challenges, and empowers them.

“I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could work with Becky in person, but she also prescribed exercises for me to do at home. Having three young children, I couldnʼt afford to spend hours each day working out. I found the exercises Becky gave me were great – a little each day gave me a lot of results! The 8cm separation I had following the birth of my twins is now virtually non-existent.

We want to give all mothers the opportunity to achieve similar results, and we are passionate about supporting them through their journey,” says Jackie Steele.

Body Beyond Birth features content that has been developed in consultation with dieticians and trained fitness professionals. The system is purposefully flexible and affordable and is designed to encourage women to invest in their health and wellbeing, which in turn, benefits their families.

Body Beyond Birth was first launched in 2014. After becoming a member, participants have access to the exclusive online community for life and receive discounts on future programs.

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