SMAI – NEW Foam 3 in 1 Plyometric Box

Gone are the days of bloody torn up shins and people walking around with bulging lumps on their legs covered in scars!

Although horrific, this was happening on a daily basis so SMAI (Sports Master Athletic International) put their thinking caps on to see what they could come up with. Introducing the first of its kind: the SMAI Foam three-in-one Competition Plyo Box!

The solution was to create a box constructed of foam that was heavy enough not to topple over yet soft enough not to cause injury. The EVA foam used is of a density of 90-degree hardness, weighing in at 20kg.

Available in three different heights (20”, 24” and 30”) depending on what size you sit it on, this is literally three boxes in one!

Available for $198.

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