Technogym – Lets Move For A Better World

Article updated November 2023.

Technogym’s social campaign to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle is back. Aussie fitness clubs are encouraged to participate in the social campaign to help fight obesity and sedentary lifestyles. After running for six consecutive years pre-pandemic and returning in 2023, Technogym has confirmed that the world’s biggest social campaign of its kind will be operating again in March 2024.

Technogym Lets Move Campaign 2024

Technogym, the global supplier of fitness and wellness technologies and solutions, has announced the 2024 ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ campaign. In its eighth year running (the campaign ran from 2014 – 2019, then returned in 2023), the global campaign aims to reduce obesity and sedentariness worldwide.

Thanks to Technogym’s ecosystem platform, from the 12th to the 27th of March 2024, gym members in fitness clubs all over the world will join forces to donate their movement and promote wellness and healthy lifestyles in their local communities and beyond. The more active club members are, the bigger the donation will be to their communities.

The facilities that gather the required number of MOVEs will be able to donate equipment to the
institutions or schools of their choice to help fight obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

MOVEs can be collected during workouts on cardio and strength equipment, classes such as Skillrun, Skillbike, Skillrow, Group Cycle, Biocircuit, and Skillathletic, from outdoor activities tracked through GPS with 3rd party apps and on the gym floor thanks to heart rate devices.

technogym lets move for a better world

What are Technogym MOVEs?

With over three decades of experience in the sporting world and world-class scientific resources, Technogym developed its own unit of measurement, known as MOVEs.

‍MOVEs are a tool that measures exercise objectively, regardless of fitness level, age, or gender. Essentially, any physical activity that you take can be measured in MOVEs, tracked, and recorded with a suggested target of 1000 MOVEs every day to reflect a healthy and active lifestyle.

While Technogym equipment can measure MOVEs for the user, other activities such as walking, running, and taking the stairs also earn a set number of MOVEs. Recording MOVEs can be done via the Technogym MyWellness App.

What is Technogym's Lets Move for a Better World?

Essentially, the Let’s Move for a Better World campaign allows gym go-ers to convert their efforts into donations. Registered fitness clubs can win a Technogym product to donate to any non-profit association of choice that aims to fight obesity and encourage healthier lifestyles. This could be schools, community groups, or other worthy recipients. The more activity carried out by gym members, the MOVEs are accumulated and therefore the bigger the donation accrued.

Technogym has been able to donate hundreds of products to charities and not-for-profits through the efforts of the community who are registered as part of the campaign.

Using Technogym to Increase Member Engagement

Gyms and fitness clubs are always looking for ways to attract new members and retain their existing ones. Alongside the opportunity to give something back to the community, the Let’s Move for a Better World campaign is an efficient tool for clubs to increase business.

The campaign has been proven to attract new members, thanks to both the initiative’s communication campaign via social media, and the viral effect created by existing members sharing their training sessions and progress online.

“Let’s Move for a Better World is a unique and powerful tool to build member loyalty, motivation and footfall through its competitive mechanic,” says Claudio Bertozzi, Technogym Australia Country Manager. “By placing the spotlight on the club’s local community, it creates a positive team spirit that brings people together towards a common objective.”

Feedback received from participating facilities over the last 6 editions of the campaign showed an average of 14% increase in membership sales and 26% increase in visits to their facility. There were also significant improvements in relationships between facilities, local communities, trainers and members during the campaigns.

technogym lets move for a better world 2024

Technogym staying true to their vision

“The Let’s Move for a Better World campaign embodies Technogym’s mission to improve wellness on a global scale. Technogym recognises that the education of the younger generation is a crucial starting point for achieving this goal, and building a more sustainable society based on personal health,” says Mr Bertozzi.

After the event, Technogym usually invites delegates from each participating facility to attend the 3-day Let’s Move for a Better World Conference in Cesena, Italy. The event allows the opportunity to celebrate the success of the year’s campaign, and to share thoughts and strategies on how best to tackle global obesity in the future.

For further information on the campaign, terms and conditions, and how to get your gym involved, visit

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