The Health Trend That’s Nailing Pain Relief

Miranda Kerr’s using it, Jessica Simpson’s using it and your next door neighbour is probably using it; it’s the latest pain relief trend to take the world by storm.

It looks like a modern take on a medieval ‘bed of nails’, but acupressure mats can help reduce chronic pain, increase endorphins and even assist with a restful night’s sleep.

Australian company White Lotus has been recognised as the manufacturer of the world’s leading acupressure mat; the Euromat.

The Euromat, which was recently awarded best acupressure mat at the Vergleich Product Awards in Germany, is covered in more than 6,000 tiny plastic spikes that, when lain upon, act as acupressure points, increasing blood flow to the skin, easing muscle tension and stimulating the release of endorphins.

Curious about trying this yourself?

White Lotus Director Kamila Kingston explains everything you need to know when shopping for an acupressure mat.

“The Euromat is a new approach to pain relief that combines ancient healing solutions with modern technology. It is inspired by the traditional Indian bed of nails, a method used for more than 1,000 years by gurus in the practice of meditation and healing,” she said. “Far from being torturously painful, the spikes stimulate acupressure points in the skin to relieve back pain, stress, and insomnia. Approximately three million Australians experience back problems, with 70 to 90 per cent of people suffering from lower back pain at some point in their lives. There are more than 100 acupressure points on the human back, which when stimulated by the Euromat release the body’s natural pain-relieving hormones.”

Mr Kingston said for best results people should lie on the Euromat for approximately 10 to 20 minutes per day.

“Simply lie down on the mat, don’t move, and relax into it,” she said. “You can use your mat to warm up muscles or joints, or to alleviate stress, back pain and headaches.”

Ms Kingston said while the growing popularity of acupressure mats meant more products were available to consumers, it is important to buy one that is made of quality materials.

“Cheap acupressure mats are produced using ABS plastics, which can be toxic, sensitive to sunlight and attached using glue,” she said. “The Euromat is produced with local materials of the highest quality. The spikes are made from food grade plastic rather than ABS plastic, it is 100 per cent cotton and the memory foam is produced according to textile certificates. Additionally, the fabric is dyed using non-allergenic dyes and no glue is used in attachment of the spikes, thus eliminating all potential poisons.”

Recent studies have shown that when used for 15 minutes a day for three weeks, acupressure mats significantly reduced patients’ peak levels of pain.

The mat is combined with a pillow of similar construction, with more than 2000 spikes on its surface. It is the only acupressure mat and pillow certified by acupuncturists on the market.

The Euromat was awarded at the prestigious Vergleich Product Awards for its quality of materials, design of plastic spikes and after-sales customer service.

Top 5 Health Concerns An Acupressure Mat Can Address 

1. Back pain

Acupressure mats are most commonly used to relieve back pain. Lay the mat down on a flat surface, sit down at the base of the mat and slowly roll your back down until you are lying on the mat. Stay this way for 10 – 20 minutes for best results.

2. Neck pain

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, you can use the acupressure pillow to specifically target your neck. You can also use your acupressure mat by either rolling it up, or rolling up a towel and placing it under the head of the mat. Use for 20 minutes to relieve pain, and up to 40 minutes to relax your body.

3. Headaches

Suffering from a vicious headache or migraine? Place the acupressure mat behind your head to release endorphins and calm the symptoms. Meanwhile, increased circulation and reduced muscle tension will work to remove the underlying cause.

4. Insomnia

Struggling to sleep at night? Try lying on the acupressure mat in bed before you go to sleep. Lay down on the mat, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Use the mat for at least 20 minutes, or until you start to fall asleep. Just remember to remove it before nodding off!

5. Stress

Lying on an acupressure mat relaxes your body, but it also helps to relax your mind. Once you lay down on the mat and get comfortable, breathe deeply and relax. For optimum relaxation you can listen to a guided meditation at the same time.

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