Elite Performance Testing for the Everyday Athlete

In an Australian first, Elite NRL Strength & Conditioning Coach, Aaron Sculli is bringing performance testing to the masses. Whether you are training for a sport, looking to optimise your performance in the gym, or looking  to understand your injury risk profile, this ground breaking lab will give you an insight to up  your game. The tools, expertise, and technology usually reserved for our top level professionals is now accessible through iPerform Lab, offering elite performance testing for the everyday athlete.

Elite NRL S&C Coach Aaron Sculli Brings Performance Testing To The Masses

Usually reserved for elite athletes, iPerform Lab is bringing the latest in sports science technology to the masses, helping people to identify performance limiters, gain objective  insight into high injury risk areas, receive injury support and determine the effectiveness of  their current training program. What you will discover in this lab will likely change the game when it comes to tapping into your performance potential and mitigating your risk of injury.

The concept was founded by NRL Strength and Conditioning Coach, Aaron Sculli. At present, Aaron is part of the team behind the Newcastle Knights, and he has previously held positions at Cronulla Sharks and Wests Tigers, as well as NSW Waratahs, Junior Wallabies and the Australian Institute of Sport.

Prior to pursuing a career coaching professional athletes, Aaron was an elite amateur boxer, having 85 fights, both nationally and internationally. He is accredited as a Level 3 Elite Level Coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ACSA), has a Bachelor of Sports Science, Masters of Exercise Physiology, and is an accredited sports nutritionist.

“Many Aussies are active, whether they play sports, go to the gym or are training for an event  such as a fun run” says Aaron.  “Testing can be beneficial for so many people, whether they want to optimise their  performance, or they want to stop getting injured. I have been working with world-class  technology for over a decade and I felt it was time to bring it out to the public, as with  knowledge, people can better understand their strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, what is  working and what is not.” 

Elite performance testing for everyday Australians

Aaron is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting the most out of the human body and had already been running an online coaching business, iPerform, for a few years. The iPerform Lab is an extension of that business. “By having access to world class tech, anyone can get objective data that can provide information that will both optimise performance and mitigate injury risk – therefore direct training efforts. At iPerform Lab we are passionate about longevity and our testing equipment supports this.” says Aaron.
Aaron noticed that despite there being lots of great gyms and coaches in his local area, there was a gap in the market, being the lack of accessibility to sports / exercise science to the general population. “I wanted to create a concept that would complement those businesses”, says Aaron.
iPerform Lab naturally attracts athletes and those who are seeking Aaron’s expertise in professional sport, however, these aren’t the individuals that he is targeting. The lab receives a broad range of clients, including Olympic athletes, tradies, rehabilitation / injury support clients, and even those over seventy years old who want support in staying active. “iPerform Lab is all about performance and longevity”, says Aaron.

What kind of testing is available at iPerform lab?

At the moment, the following types of testing are on offer, however Aaron is about to launch testing profiles for specific sports from golfing, to surfing and more. 

  • Injury Risk Profile: An injury risk profile includes screening for risk of common non contact injuries, such as ACL, calf, hamstring and groin. This information will allow clients to focus their training efforts in order to optimise their performance and reduce their risk of injury.

  • Strength Speed & Power Profile: Clients can identify where their strengths and weaknesses are in relation to speed, strength and power. With this information, they can target their training efforts to optimise these qualities.

  • Sports Ready Profile: The Sport Ready profile is designed for the recreational athlete,  gym goer or weekend warrior. This profile will provide them with an overview of their key areas of strength and injury risk areas. This information will allow them to focus their training efforts in order to optimise their performance and reduce their risk of injury.

  • Athletic Profile: The Athletic Profile is a combination of all testing profiles. It’s a  comprehensive performance profile that includes strength, speed and power, plus an injury risk profile.
iperform lab performance testing australia

How to access iPerform Lab testing and programming

Living on the Central Coast with his two young sons and wife, Jade, Aaron chose Erina, NSW, as the location for iPerform Lab. The testing itself must be conducted ‘in-house’, using the specialised equipment, however, after a testing session, Aaron can create a customised program for each individual based on the results.

There are also a range of online programs at the iPerform website available for anyone to purchase, which are delivered via an app. iPerform Lab also works with teams and groups, and they offer injury support, personalised  programs and body scans. 

“I am obsessed with human performance, and I believe that optimal performance is all encompassing and not limited to one aspect only- it is part of a holistic approach” explains Aaron.

“Testing equipment, practises and protocols used in the Lab are second to none. Our online  programs are designed using elite principals, however they are simple to follow and most importantly, are sustainable!”

Of course we wanted to ask Aaron whether he has plan to open more iPerform Labs in other locations. “We have big plans for expanding iPerform lab, however, currently we are focused on our Central Coast facility”, he said.

For more information, visit: https://iperformlab.com/

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