BSc and Menz Violet Crumble join forces to shatter protein bar perceptions

The snack pairing we didn’t know we needed is set to disrupt wellness snacking and confectionery as we know it. That’s right – BSc and Menz Violet Crumble join forces to shatter protein bar perceptions in an Australian-first.

So, what is a BSc Violet Crumble protein bar?

With one known for its iconic confectionery, and the other known for fueling Australia’s most competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this is a collaboration that no one expected, but is sure to excite and delight.

Violet Crumble is going where they have never gone before, entering the wellness
snacking market with one of Australia’s most recognised supplement brands BSc, pairing up in a collaboration that also launches BSc’s new candy-like soft protein bar technology.

BSc: A trusted supplement brand for athletes

Known for not only their innovative products, but for also being the most trusted brand for athletes to consume, thanks to rigorous HASTA testing, BSc love to innovate, and this collaboration has certainly pushed the boundaries.

BSc Founder Greg Young said “Developing the new technology BSc Soft Protein Bar with Violet Crumble, has been so fun for us. It represents a delicious fusion of the iconic taste and texture of Violet Crumble with little shattering pieces of honeycomb – and the innovative format of a candy-like protein bar currently not made in Australia. We worked with the latest European technology to bring this product to life.”

BSc violet crumble protein bar

“This exciting addition to the BSc range demonstrates our dedication to keeping up with technology trends and showcases our commitment to flavour creativity through collaboration with this beloved Aussie icon. With this bold and forward-thinking approach, we are confident that our loyal customers and new consumers alike will be captivated, reaffirming our position as a leader in the sports nutrition industry for the past 25 years.”

CEO Sheree Young adds: “The collaboration of BSc with Violet Crumble represents an exciting opportunity for us to bring together two market-leading brands and create something truly exceptional. With the addition of the iconic Violet Crumble flavour into our indulgent BSc Soft Protein Bar range, we are confident that we will continue to set new standards in the sports nutrition industry, offering unparalleled taste experiences that delight and inspire.”

An Unlikely Pairing for Protein Lovers

Polly Love, National Marketing and Licensing Manager, Menz Confectionery “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with BSc in what some may consider an unlikely mash-up. We are always looking for new ways for Aussies to enjoy that iconic Violet Crumble flavour and we love to shatter expectations of what is possible. We certainly don’t like to shy away from exploring new territories and we love that the team at BSc had the vision to bring these delicious Violet Crumble-inspired soft protein bars to life. They are absolutely delicious!”

About the BSc Soft Proetin Bars

BSc continually innovates the protein bar category, with its latest technology out of Europe set to take Australia by storm, introducing the new Soft Protein Bar.
Whether you’re a protein bar enthusiast, an avid BSc protein bar consumer or you sit on the fence and have been waiting for years to find a bar you like; The new 55g BSc Soft Protein Bar with 16 grams of protein, no added sugar AND a 4.5 health-star rating will create a whole new experience in taste and texture. To add further excitement, two of the flavours are official collaborations with Violet Crumble, that don’t skimp on the honeycomb-shattering eating experience Aussie’s have loved for over 100 years.

They will launch with four flavours:
• BSc Soft Protein Bar Double Chocolate
• BSc Soft Protein Bar Banana Choc
• BSc Soft Protein Bar x Violet Crumble Chocolate Honeycomb
• BSc Soft Protein Bar x Violet Crumble Caramel Honeycomb

Product details:
• High Protein
• 16g Protein
• Less than 3g sugar
• 4.5 Health Star Rating
• Good Source of Dietary Fibre
• Gluten-Free

The new BSc soft protein bars including the Violet Crumble collaboration launched nationally in Coles from May 6, 2024, with supplement store ranging through Nutrition Warehouse.

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