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Article updated June 2024.

Imagine waking up in the morning, knowing that the majority of the qualified people you will speak to on the phone, will book an appointment and show up, and when they show they’ll buy from you!

When you learn how to inspire people with your expertise, more people will become excited to buy from you, and they’ll do so more often. Sales professionals, business owners and managers are rapidly moving away from the “sales chasing” mentality and are instead adopting a “helping and inspiring” mindset. Let’s discuss what it takes to become a six figure sales success as a fitness business owner.

The challenge for fitness business owners

If you’re a fitness business owner or manager, then chances are high that you’re busy; you feel stressed at certain times; and your ideal work strategy is to always generate maximum income for minimum effort (don’t worry, that’s not lazy, it’s called “working smart”!)

As an owner, there may be times when you and your business feels like a prison; where you’re struggling to grow your memberships; you’re working longer hours but paying yourself less; and despite working in the health industry, your lifestyle is not as healthy as you’d like it to be!

Or, if you’re a manager, then you might find your stress levels are increasing because you’re working harder to sell memberships, but the cancellations are occurring at the same rate, so it doesn’t feel like you’re chalking up the success for your CV you hoped you would.

In today’s competitive business climate, a successful organisation recognises the need to update and streamline their sales processes and techniques in order to stop wasting time and stop losing sales. You may think you need more leads, but if you’re conversion percentages are low then more leads won’t boost your income. Conversion is the key.

fitness business sales success

Why is conversion the key to sales success?

If conversion percentages are not improved first, attracting more leads will become a costly exercise.

With so much importance riding on sales conversion, ask yourself these three questions: –

  1. Do you provide easy-to-access, comprehensive skills’ training that is integrated into your staff induction process?
  2. Do you retrain your existing team members who need their sales skills refreshed in order to boost their sales?
  3. Do you empower your sales team with a blend of soft skills and updated sales techniques, so your team understands how to inspire and close more often?

The truth is that many businesses cannot answer ‘yes’ to more than one of these questions. Recognising a weakness in your sales skills, training and techniques can be viewed as a strength, so long as you proceed to taking action now, and put in place the tools which will give you and your business the success it seeks.

How to increase conversions in your sales process:

If the passion for what you do still exists, but you feel like the goal posts to succeed have changed, then stop what you’re doing right now. The National Sales Academy (NSA) and Impact Training Corporation (ITC) have ready-made solutions that are specifically designed to eliminate your stress, increase your income, and provide you with the freedom to create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

The NSA and ITC specialise in designing and delivering solutions that are all done for you. In fact, for three decades, Steve Jensen and his team at NSA and ITC have turned sales professionals from all over the world into sales guns who consistently generate six-figures per annum, and businesses into high performance, seven-figure income generators. This is achieved by:

  1. Monthly sales planning sessions.
  2. Weekly ‘live’ sales skills training sessions.
  3. Monthly Q&A sessions.
  4. Quarterly ‘live’ events. Monthly sales planning sessions.
  5. 24/7 access to a cutting edge online training portal containing a full suite of resources, videos and new-age sales tools and techniques.

Of course, everyone learns differently and that’s why Steve and his team have developed an extensive suite of solutions, which includes face-to-face training, online webinars, Facebook Lives, email communications, eBooks, and other resources to transform you and your business into six-figure successes.

This unique package of training is designed to cater to individuals who want to learn the essential selling skills through a convenient online platform, and appeal to businesses who want everything tailored and, essentially, all done for them.

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Here are four ways to transform yourself into a six-figure sales professional and build a seven-figure business: –

  1. Become Part Of The Inner Circle, With Tailored In- House Training.

    With tailored in-house training, you’ll learn and implement new-age sales tools and tailored sales processes that are designed to crush your sales targets by doubling or even tripling your income. Working privately with Steve Jensen and his team, you’ll become part of the NSA and ITC Inner Circle, where you’ll learn how to save time, reduce frustrations, and make more money by having everything custom-created and personally trained.

    It also means you and your team will feel completely confident with the implementation of your newfound skills and knowledge.

    This type of training is specifically designed to create peace of mind, so you can stop feeling trapped by your business or job, and instead start to enjoy a new sense of freedom to create the lifestyle you’ve always desired. If you like the concept of it all being done for you, then read on, this is the training program for you.

  2. Use the Sales Authority Implementation Program – Full online training portal 24/7.

    For a small investment you will receive a six-module online training program is a deep-dive into the most effective new-age skills and techniques that make selling effortless. This course provides you with a comprehensive package of scripts, prompts and teach sheets to ensure you become a sales authority with the knowledge required to inspire more people to buy more often. Complete with 24/7/52 online support via an extensive network of like-minded, high-performing business leaders, you’ll feel encouraged and confident in your journey to becoming a six-figure sales professional.

  3. Join the Sales Authority Club – Convenient, easy, low cost, training portals, community.

    The Sales Authority Club is designed to teach you how to fast-track your sales skills, and empower you with the most up-to-date soft and hard skills, ensuring you can constantly smash your sales targets.

    This easy-to-implement sales system delivers proven processes, tools, templates, scripts, methodology and procedures, which you can implement into your own business at your own pace.

    As a member of the Sales Authority Club, you’ll also have access to private coaching calls, to keep you accountable and to ensure your training remains personalised every step of the way.

  4. My Mentor Coach – One On One Coaching.

    In order to succeed in today’s competitive environment, the most successful individuals and businesses seek out experts from specific fields, who they can learn from in order to accelerate their skills, grow and develop and, most of all, learn from other successful people’s experiences. Having your a mentor to coach and guide you, enables you to avoid mistakes that can hinder your career or business success by years. The My Mentor Coach program provides you with unique and direct access to expertise that will help you to successfully become a six-figure sales success.

become a six figure sales success

If you’re ready to reignite your passion and end your current frustrations by become a six-figure sales success, then click here to book a no-obligation time to sales growth plan with Steve and his team at the NSA and ITC, so they can work out exactly how to fast-track your pathway to making more money, gaining more freedom and living the lifestyle you want.

Original article written by Steve Jensen for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Summer 2018 Edition.

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