FITREC Paves Way To fitness Employment For Sport And Exercise Students

Article updated June 2024.

In a move to support ACT fitness employers and University of Canberra students, FITREC provides certificates of Gym Instructing and Personal Training for undergrad students that have completed key units in the Discipline of Sport and Exercise Science degree.

With these certifications, FITREC can then provide students with the registration they need to be able to work as a fitness professional in the ACT. For fitness employers, this represents a wealth of new talent.

Is fitness registration a requirement to work in the Australian fitness industry?

The ACT Fitness Industry Code of Practice requires employers who claim that their employees are qualified, to have them registered with an authorised body. In other states and territories, while fitness registration is not a legal requirement, it is a job requirement by many employers within the industry. However, an employer cannot insist that the person is registered with a specific registration provider.

The problem for many ACT fitness students

Registration is a requirement for fitness employment in the ACT. In the absence of any intermediate certifications, accomplished undergraduate students have been denied registration, and therefore could not work in the fitness industry until completion of their 3-year degree.

FITREC management, University of Canberra representatives and Management from Club Lime determined that the completion of key undergraduate units could form the basis of a Gym Instruction Certification and Personal Training Certification. This enabled University of Canberra Sport and Exercise Science students to gain additional qualifications while they completed their undergraduate degree.

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FITREC Fitness Registration for Fitness Students

Managing Director of FITREC, Dennis Hosking, states that “Beyond the opportunity to earn money in a related field, we look forward to helping undergraduate students gain valuable industry experience and get a better understanding of the business of fitness. It will also enable them to make lasting and worthwhile connections.”

Ultimately,” Dennis adds, “this is a chance for us all to help develop more informed and job-ready graduates.

For industry employers, this initiative will broaden the base of potential talent, providing access to well-educated individuals that are scheduled to complete further study as part of their undergraduate degree.

Our mission is to help build longer and more successful fitness careers and businesses. Providing undergraduates with a pathway to the start of their fitness career sits perfectly with both sides of this equation.”

Launched in Australia in 2015, FITREC provide a platform for qualified fitness professionals to easily communicate their education, experience, background and references. Our mission is simple. To help build stronger fitness careers and businesses. Call 03 9021 0836 to speak with a Team member or email

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