Sony® Advagym™ – Engage Your Members

Drive engagement and revenue opportunities for your facility.

Advagym delivers a connected experience that unlocks the full potential of your gym. Using a mobile application, web-tool, beacons and sensors, the whole gym is connected with the user’s own smartphone. With the wireless strength sensors, any pin loaded machine can be tracked, delivering advanced metrics to the gym-goer and usage data to the gym. The wireless pucks can be used in any training zone to launch exercises, videos and instructions with a single tap of the phone. Advagym creates engagement and new revenue opportunities for your gym.

Sony Advagym - the Solution

Interact with your members, boost their motivation and inspire them by offering unique workouts and personal feedback. When your members reach their training goals more efficiently, they will be more inclined to keep their memberships for longer.

Sony Advagym - The Hardware

The Advagym solution includes sensor pucks on machines and in training areas, a main unit mounted on each weight stack to measure reps and sets, and an observer that collects the signals from the main units and sends them on to the cloud back-end. You access a system overview and valuable statistics via the easy-to-use admin tool.

Sony Advagym - The App

No tricky setup. The user taps his or her phone on a machine’s puck to start an exercise. Reps and sets are logged automatically in real time. Relevant statistics and overviews, machine settings and favourite workouts are saved in the app.

Sony Advagym - The App Features

The app logs machine training, free weight training and cardio. Gyms can create and upload custom training programmes, and users can create their own. Machine settings are saved to get started quickly next time, and to show the user’s progress.

Personal Trainers – Create programs and share them easily with your clients. Track their progress and send personal feedback via the app to show you care and keep them motivated!

Gym Owner – Digitalise your gym and offer your members a more satisfying gym experience. Advagym provides all the tools you need to take your gym to the next level.

Sony Advagym and Precor
Advagym delivers PrevaFit™ content that allows you to put your brand front and center while keeping your members connected and reaching their fitness goals in and out of your facility. Read more…

Download the App
Experience the full power of Advagym. The app is free and available in both the Android and iPhone app stores.

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