Training Tools: Resources and added extras

Sometimes it’s those little added extras that make all the difference with member retention. It could be some small recovery aids, a climbing wall, or hypoxic training that can give your facility the edge and make you stand out. Maybe it’s finding that extra offering you can provide to certain members such as a Silver Sneakers program or an Olympic lifting workshop. We hope some of our articles here will inspire you to never stop searching for new training tools and resources you can provide to your members.

If there’s a product or topic you’d like us to look into, drop us a line and let us know!

evolt 360 body scanner generate cash flow

Using the Evolt 360 Body Scanner to Get Members Through The Door

Are you looking for ways to get members to reconnect with you and motivate them to get back into their workout routines? The cost of living crisis is being felt across Australia, and gyms need to offer increased value to members for those membership fees to be justified in the next round of household spending

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80s retro run sydney 2024

6 Tips for Preparing for Your First Fun Run

Article written by Ben Lucas, Director of Flow Athletic. Preparing for your first fun run can be both exciting and a little daunting. Whether you are brand new to running or simply setting yourself a new challenge in your running journey, preparation is key. Setting a solid foundation with good technique and training is vital

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unilateral training

Supercharge your Strength with Unilateral Training

Unilateral training is an often-overlooked approach to fitness programming that can be a game-changer for your strength training goals. When you engage in unilateral strength training, you focus on training one limb at a time, instead of using both in tandem. Incorporating unilateral training in your fitness regimen can help correct muscle imbalances, create more

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my fit pro live streaming for fitness

My Fit Pro: A Better Live Streaming Platform for Fitness Businesses

When Fiona McKenzie was struggling to find a good way to stream her dance fitness classes during the pandemic, she decided to take matters into her own hands. With a background in IT and a web developer for a husband, Fiona set about creating her own streaming platform, designed specifically for fitness professionals. This “little

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the run rocket sprint trainer

The Run Rocket

Take your sprint training to the next level with the Run Rocket. Used by professional sporting teams around the world, the Run Rocket sprint trainer is the way to train athletes of all levels for peak performance, increased agility, and explosive power. What is the Run Rocket Sprint Trainer? Lower body strength and power is

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yoga blocks for beginners

The Benefits of Using Yoga Blocks for Beginners

Yoga blocks serve as an excellent prop for beginner yogis by helping them feel supported and confident in their abilities. They make yoga more accessible to everyone, by accommodating different body types, physical capabilities, and limitations. By providing a stable base of support, yoga blocks help beginners maintain proper alignment and balance during asanas (yoga

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managing diastasis recti with exercise

Close the Gap: Expert Advice on Managing Diastasis Recti with Exercise

Diastasis recti is a common condition that occurs when the rectus abdominis muscles (the muscles that make up the six-pack) separate along the linea alba, the connective tissue that runs down the centre of the abdominal wall (1). This separation can lead to a bulge in the midline of the abdomen, a symptom sometimes referred

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cardio for lower back pain

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cardio for Lower Back Pain Sufferers.

Lower back pain is a common condition that affects over three million Australians (1) with estimates suggesting that 80% of the population will experience it at some point during their lives. For fitness professionals, this presents a unique challenge – how to incorporate cardio exercise into their clients’ routines while also taking care not to

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meditation for sports performance

Meditation for Sports Performance: Unlocking the Mental Edge in Athletes

Highly performing athletes do not only require physical strength, agility, and resilience paired with skill level; they need mental focus, quick response time, and cognitive adaptability to excel in their sport. Exploring meditation or mindfulness practices could bring rewarding results for these mental aspects. Even on a more casual level of the person who thinks

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balance training for older people

Aging Gracefully: The Importance of Balance Training for Seniors

In an aging population, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that seniors maintain their balance and mobility to reduce the risk of falls, resulting in injuries and a lack of independence. In this article, we will discuss why older people lose balance, what seniors can do to improve their balance, the best exercises for addressing

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feeling the benefits of sauna on recovery

The Healing Power of Heat: How Sauna Can Help Recovery

Heat therapy has been used for centuries due to its ability to induce relaxation and promote muscle recovery. Various native cultures in Europe, Asia, and North and South America are known for practicing sweat bathing, which refers to various passive bathing strategies in high temperatures. Regular exposure to heat can reduce inflammation and soft tissue

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sommet recovery massage gun

Prioritise Recovery, Provide Value: Adding Massage Guns to your Gym Arsenal

As a gym owner, you’re constantly seeking innovative ways to attract and retain members. One effective strategy is to provide added value that enhances the overall fitness experience. One such tool gaining popularity is the inclusion of massage guns in gym facilities. Since recovery is where the body adapts to the previous training, it’s important

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cryo remedy portable ice bath

Using Portable Ice Baths to Add Value to your PT Sessions

As a fitness professional, you’re always looking for ways to improve your clients’ recovery and help them reach their fitness goals. One powerful tool you can add to your arsenal is a portable ice bath. How can Portable Ice Baths Add Value to your PT Sessions? Speed up recovery: After a tough workout, your clients’

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weight training with a rotator cuff injury

Weight Training with a Rotator Cuff Injury

Any injury can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to resistance training. Some people will try to ‘push through’ despite an injury, which often only results in further damage or delayed healing. Others may be hesitant to do any activity for fear of exacerbating the problem. Many injuries can be managed in

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The Rollga Soft Foam Roller

The Rollga Soft Foam Roller

Rollga is a cross-directional foam roller designed to stabilise the hips, align the back, and increase range-of-motion. The Rollga foam roller is ideal for muscle recovery, fascial health, and functional restoration of movement. Ordinary foam rollers cause discomfort and pain due to the unfitting design. Rollga’s contoured shape is designed to fit your body and

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