How To Turn One Square Meter Into A 24 Hour Revenue Stream

Specialised gym vending machines from Worldwide Vending now with a free bonus starter pack of products.

Worldwide Vending now provides free bonus starter packs of products to assist you with the start up for your new gym vending machine.

Simply submit your first order with one or more participating suppliers. Then, provided we have the products in stock, we will stock two of each product in your machine for a fast start up when your machine is delivered.

We also fill your coin mechanism with $150 in change so that you do not have to race off to the bank before powering up your vending machine.

Unfortunately, due to quarantine restrictions, the bonus starter pack offer is not available to our TAS or WA clients.

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Selling sports nutrition and supplement products with a vending machine is a proven winner for the fitness industry.

Worldwide Vending are the specialist provider of quality vending equipment in Australia. We provide vending machines but we don’t sell supplements or other fitness products.


  • We do know the products and the suppliers
  • We do know the products that sell well
  • Worldwide Vending are the experts in specialised Gym Vending and we provide independent advice on product selection

Gyms with a vending machine selling sports nutrition and supplement products can generate revenue of up to $1.00 per member per week. For a club with 800 members, that’s up to $41,000 per year!

A significant element of your member’s fitness regime is the use of supplements. Your members know that a supplement program can be the catalyst to enhance their fitness results. Your members will be looking for products that support their fitness goals. With a Specialised Gym Vending Machine, you can provide this service to your members and at the same time, you can increase your revenue and business success.

If your business is open 24 hours a day, a gym vending machine is a great way of providing easy access to supplements and nutrition 24/7. With a gym vending machine, you can help your members by providing these supplements and health products when and where your members need them.

Gyms and fitness centres that are not open 24/7 can also benefit from using a vending machine to provide healthy snacks, beverages and supplements at the touch of a button.

A gym vending machine provides increased profit and potentially decreased costs as extra staff are not required and, you don’t have to divert existing staff to sell the snacks, beverages and supplements that your members want. Efficient stock control is also a great advantage in having your own in-gym vending machine.

With a stress-free vending solution, the management of your supplement, snack and beverage retail sales will be a breeze. You will enjoy increased profits knowing that you are also providing a great service for your members.

Your members will keep coming back if their fitness results are enhanced by products that you make available to them on the spot when and where they need them.

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