Activewear and Wearable Fitness Tracking

The right activewear can make a big difference in both confidence and performance when it comes to training. We’re watching for the latest brands and product lines to hit the fitness fashion scene. Wearable fitness tracking has evolved from the simple heart rate monitor and can now give you feedback on everything from stress levels to sleep quality. We explore the latest gadgets and gizmos that can track your health and fitness data and help you to biohack your way to optimum health!

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The Aussie Underwear Brand Nailing the Brief for Profit and Sustainability

A pair of Step One underwear is being sold every 8 seconds around the world, including Australia, America and the UK. From humble beginnings as a bedroom start-up to a now multi-million dollar, publicly listed company, Step One is kicking some serious business goals, all the while managing to maintain meticulous ethical and sustainable practices.

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what is mz open

MZ-Open: Integrating MyZone With Your Existing Smart Watch

From 13th March 2024, Myzone will be switching on its newest feature, MZ-Open – an access function, which enables members to integrate their existing smart watch with the Myzone ecosystem at their gym. This function means gym owners can create more community within their membership, offering more incentives for their members to stick around, get

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step one chafe shorts

Feel the burn, but not that kind: How to prevent chafing when running

With the cooler months providing perfect weather for those longer runs, we decided to tackle that burning question around chafe and what you can do to prevent chafing when running. Running is one of the best cardio exercises. Even running for as little as 10 minutes a day can significantly improve your heart health along

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les mills live event singapore

LES MILLS LIVE Singapore: A party like no other!

Lights, Music, PreWorkout: A Weekend of Les Mills in Singapore Image courtesy of Les Mills Asia Pacific. It was a Les Mills party in Singapore, with over 5,700 participants working out to the same pumping beats. The LES MILLS LIVE event ran from 3-4th June and allowed fitness enthusiasts to enjoy workouts they know and

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effects of compression garments on recovery

The Effects Of Compression Garments On Recovery After Training

Muscle recovery is a concern whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend fitness junkie. Compression garments are used for a recovery boost and to help avoid muscle aches after workouts so you can return to training faster.  Compression garments provide comfort, support, and various benefits when exercising, and range from sleeves to complete body

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Menstrual Cycle Tracking in Garmin Connect

Track Your Menstrual Cycle On Your Garmin Wearable

That’s right! You can now track your menstrual cycle in Garmin Connect. Regardless of your cycle type — including regular, irregular and menopause transition — you can log how you feel physically and emotionally every day and get reports that show you fluctuations in your body over time. Why track? Overall you’ll gain a better

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STORM in D CUP - Why women should wear a good fitting sports bra.

Brah! Brah! Brah!

According to Esther Labi, the bra whisperer and founder of online store ‘Storm in a D Cup’, women should always wear a good fitting fitness bra when exercising otherwise you can cause serious long term damage to your boobs. Esther says, fitness bras provide important structured support and reduce the bounce, the cause of stretch-marks,

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Maternity and Nursing Activewear from Australian Maze Activewear

Australia’s New Fashionable & Affordable Maternity, Post-Natal And Nursing Activewear

Figure Flattering, Fashionable, Maternity, Post-Natal And Nursing Activewear. Most importantly the tights do not become transparent and they do not roll down! Sinem Ibrahim, Mum of two, founded Maze Activewear to support Mums and their bumps during pregnancy. The figure flattering, comfortable tights give baby bumps abdominal and thigh support, are breathable and seam free.

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LINEBREAK Compression Clothing

LINEBREAK – Technology For Muscle Sport

Founded in 2002, Australian owned brand LINEBREAK is committed to producing world-class compression garments. We want to take amateur, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the next level of recovery and performance and beyond. Not all compression garments are created equal. At LINEBREAK we are focused on educating and empowering industry professionals and participants globally

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Sports Bras 101 - Tish Monahan

Sports Bras 101

Anecdotally, we know that women often use their breasts as a barrier to activity, or as a reason to avoid doing certain activities or drills. However, this was demonstrated more scientifically during a recent study in the UK, which found that.. …a whopping 17 per cent of women opted out of an activity due to

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Dharma Bums Expands Category To Include Yoga, Performance And Barre

Get your summer body on-point with Dharma Bums’ extended category offering across yoga, performance and barre Designed to take you from the studio to the street, Australia’s Dharma Bums has become a globally-trusted label for fashionable and functional yoga-wear in the three short years since it was founded by fashion designer and yoga teacher, Debbie Lawson, on

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Research Confirms Women Want Fashion And Function In Active Wear

Australian women make a sharp distinction between function and style when purchasing active wear, according to first-of-its-kind consumer research conducted by Victoria University for the Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA). The research found women will pay more for functional active wear that provides comfort, is breathable and hides sweat, while avoiding stylish active wear that

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Perk Up Your Workout With RUMI X’s Activewear Made From Coffee Grinds

Sustainable activewear label RUMI X has extended its stylish, eco-friendly line with a range of sports bras, tanks and long-sleeved tops made from used coffee grinds. Maintaining their commitment to an environmentally friendly ethos, the fabric in RUMI X’s new tops range has been created using eco-friendly S.CafeTM technology. Coffee grinds are embedded into a

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Canterbury AW16 Range

Canterbury has an extensive new range of durable women’s fitness and lifestyle gear. Big on the innovation of fabric technology, the brand has Vapodri, which evaporates sweat, wicks away moisture from your skin and regulates your body temperature so you can train harder. The range is designed to keep your body warm and comfortable throughout the colder months

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